7 Fabulous Ways to Liven up a Ponytail ...


I love ponytails – probably in part because my hair’s currently too short for me to wear one. Still, I know they can get a little boring sometimes. Don’t worry about that, though, because the situation is very easy to rectify. There are tons of ways to liven up a ponytail and make it look really cool, funky, chic, or elegant, and here you can find a bunch of them!

1. Tie Yourself in Knots

Tie Yourself in Knots

One great way to liven up a ponytail is to tie it up in knots. There are lots of ways to do this, whether you have lots of ponytails sprouting up from your head, twist your hair into lookalike dreadlocks, or put your hair into Zulu knots. This style is fun to experiment with because there are dozens of things you can do, with many ponytails, doubles, or just a single one.

Go Plural
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