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I absolutely love the Bohemian style. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was such a grunge kid when I was in my early teens, and learned to love the freedom of un-brushed hair. Plus, to be Boho chic is to be both stylish and casual; it's like our generations take on the hippie '60s, without all the peace signs and things. The Boho style is also incredibly easy to do, both in terms of dress and in terms of your hair. Just take a look at some of these beautiful Boho hairstyles and see for yourself!

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A Twisted Tie

There are a lot of ways to pull off this beautiful Boho hairstyle. If you want a great visual example, just check out the way Nichole Richie does it. You can pull your hair back, twist it up, and leave it as is, or put in some braids. As you will see, braids are an integral part of the whole Boho style, and with good reason.


Au Naturel

A lot of Boho girls just let their hair go completely natural. If they have natural body or curls, then they just let it flow. All you have to do is add a bit of texture, so that there's something more going on with your hair. Otherwise, just use your imagination here; you really can't go wrong, no matter what you do.


Rockin' the Red

I did not realize this, but evidently red hair is a beautiful Boho hairstyle as well. With the Boho style, apparently you can go big and bright and still pull it off just right. If you want an example here, you can check out Rihanna's gorgeous 'do – you know, the one that's all bright red curls and kinks. Lovely!


Unraveling Updo

Any kind of messy updo is going to be the perfect Boho style. Kate Hudson is a good go-to girl for this particular style. Try a messed up, falling down chignon, a messy bun, or a falling French twist, and you're basically good to go. I wonder how long you have to spend on your hair, though, to make it look like it's falling down that way on purpose...


Do the Wave

Waves are totally Boho. You might have them naturally, or you can create them by braiding your hair all over while it's damp, letting it dry, then taking out the braids. Be careful with that, though – don't brush them! Finger comb them instead, and try some product that will give you some texture, so your hair doesn't pouf out in all directions.


Crazy Curls

As Rihanna showed us, you can have a really beautiful Boho hairstyle if you let your curls run wild. Maybe you have them naturally, maybe you have to make them, either way it will look great. What you can do is curl your hair, tame any poufs and shape it through the strategic use of bobby pins, cover the pins with other curls, and then give yourself a little spritz!


Side Swept Braids

There are tons of ways to use braids in the Boho style. You might have a single braid created on a side part, or it might go from one side of your head to the other, creating a kind of natural headband. You might interweave little braids all throughout your hair, whether it's up or down. Or, you could always...


The Falling Fishtail

Make a fishtail braid! This braid is so popular right now, and it's definitely Boho at heart. You can make it even more Bohemian by making it messy and letting it fall down. A few strategic, well placed pulls can do this; basically, a little practice, and you can find out your own Boho look for this style.

Those are some seriously beautiful Boho hairstyles, and for the most part, whether your hair is long, short, straight, or long, you should be able to make one or more of them your own. Remember, the heart of the Boho trend is your own personal style. What do you think about the whole Bohemian trend?

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