8 Gorgeous Hair Colors to Think about ...

As I'm sure all y'all know right now, I'm really into hair dye. At some point or another, my hair has run the color gambit from plain brown to blond to burgundy; there was even a brief stint where my bangs were purple. I was 18, that's my only excuse. There are tons of really beautiful shades out there, colors you may not have ever considered before – but maybe it's time to do so. If you're naturally adventurous or just think you'd like a change, then here are some really gorgeous hair colors to think about trying.

1. Honey Blond

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Photo Credit: Allie Hawley

Honey blond is an incredibly gorgeous hair color to think about if you want to go lighter. It's sometimes a better choice than a lighter blond, because that can turn out brassy if you try to go too light, too fast. With a darker, honeyed shade, however, you can include some highlights and gradually work your way to something a bit brighter, if that's the look you want.

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