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7 New Ponytail Styles to Try This Season ...

By Sophia

Ponytail Styles, despite popular belief, don’t always have to be the same. And, in order to update your everyday ponytail, you'll just have to check out the Fall/Winter 2011-12 catwalks for inspiration. Both designers and hairdressers have been playing with this look for quite a while now, creating new, awesome ponytail styles you'll definitely love and want to wear too. Luckily, all these ponytail styles can be easily achieved at home so take a look at a few ways to work ponytails this season and find your own, perfect up-do:

1 Wet Look

Wet LookWet look ponytail styles made waves on the runways this season. The look was dramatic, confronting and it definitely couldn't go unnoticed. Now, I must admit that it would be fair to say that not everyone is a fan of this style (some may say it’s more ‘greasy’ than ‘wet look’) but, just ease up on the gel, and this ponytail style will prove to be much more wearable.

2 Preppy and Poufy

Preppy and PoufyFeminine, flouncy hair is a big trend this season so add a bit of volume to your usual ponytail by backcombing your hair at the crown. Then, gather your hair low and tie it in a neat ponytail. Add an Alice headband to finish off the preppy look, as seen at Valentino.

3 Poker Straight

Poker StraightPoker straight ponytails are a very popular choice this season too. And the fact that they have been seen everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Costume National only confirms that. So, in order to achieve this look, apply some straightening serum to your hair and then straighten with a straightening iron. Comb your hair back into a neat pony, secure it and use the straightening iron again if necessary.

4 Braided

BraidedBefore you tie your hair back into a ponytail, try braiding a section of hair down your middle part. This creates a ‘spinal’ effect. It’s a fashion forward look, and definitely one of the more adventurous ponytail styles to try out.

5 Cuffed

CuffedMetallic cuffs are everywhere this season, from wrists and ankles to necks! But this latest trend forbids you to stop there and suggest that you should try out a metallic ponytail band as well. The best example of this ponytail style was seen at Dries van Noten and to recreate this dramatic style, simply accessorize a textured ponytail with a bold metallic cuff.

6 Crimped

CrimpedThe last time I used a crimping iron I was about ten years old, but I’m tempted to pick one up again to achieve one of this season’s hottest ponytail styles. Crimped manes were a popular style at Gucci and Issa so if you want to achieve this designer's favorite simply comb your hair back into a sleek ponytail, but then go crazy with the crimping iron on the mane.

7 Loose and Low

Loose and LowAs seen at Giorgio Armani, Burberry Prorsum, and Alexander Wang; the loose and low ponytail was a favourite this season. This look is all about creating a carefree vibe so aim for textured waves and tie your hair low near the ends.

These are just a few ideas on how to update your plain old ponytail. From braids to voluminous frizz, there is a wide range of great, super creative ponytail styles to try out. So, will you be trying out any of these ponytail styles this season?

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