7 Tips for Creating a Fishtail Braid ...


7 Tips for Creating a Fishtail Braid ...
7 Tips for Creating a Fishtail Braid ...

I keep my hair cut pretty short, because it suits my face better. Certain hair trends make me hate having short hair, though, and the fishtail braid is one of them. I wish my hair was long enough to wear one! These are so innovative and neat looking, and they lend themselves well to a variety of occasions. They look pretty hard to do, but don’t worry – here are some tips for creating a fishtail braid that will make it incredibly easy!

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Make It Smooth

First thing’s first, and the first tip for creating a fishtail braid is to get all of the tangles out of your hair. It needs to be smooth and free of snags. This is especially important if you have really thick hair, or really fine hair. Tangles can pop up at a moment’s notice for both types as hair, so you want to do a good job combing or brushing. You might even want to try a detangling product.


Use Hairspray

To create this kind of braid, you need to start out with hairspray, not just finish with it. As you separate your hair into sections – two, not three – mist each one with hairspray. It helps if you first create a ponytail, but that isn’t always necessary. It also helps to use an aerosol spray, rather than a spritzing kind.


The Right Separation

Fishtails involve a lot of separating. Another tip for creating a fishtail braid involves using thin sections of hair. The slimmer the strip, the better, especially once you start separating the two main sections. You should also separate the section from the outer edge, toward its underside. I’ll be completely honest, it’s a good idea to check out one of the many video tutorials out there, to fully understand this bit.


Even Sections

A fishtail braid is created by crossing strands of hair from left to right and right to left. There are many variations, but most of them are not like regular braiding. However, no matter what kind of technique you use, you always need to keep the sections of hair you use completely even. All the way down, they need to be uniformly sized, otherwise the braid isn’t going to come out right.


Maintaining even sections is crucial for the braid's symmetry and aesthetic. If a section becomes too thin, you can borrow a small strand from a neighboring section to balance it out. Keep in mind that the uniformity of the strands affects not just the appearance but also the tension throughout the braid. A consistently tight grip on the sections will ensure that your braid doesn't become loose or unravel over time. Precision and patience here will result in a flawless, professional-looking fishtail that will hold its shape and charm.


Perfect Placement

Fishtail braids are often confused with French braids. At the very least, first timers think that they need to use the same technique, but as someone who still doesn’t know how to French braid, I’m happy to tell you that a fishtail doesn’t start high on the crown of your head. It’s actually better if you begin the braid in the center of your head, down toward the nape of your neck. Right now, it’s trendy to make a side fishtail as well, but you still don’t have to follow the rules for a French braid.


Do It Dirty

Keeping your hair a little dirty is a really helpful tip for creating a fishtail braid. This type of braiding will go much more smoothly if your hair isn’t completely clean. The additional friction can help your hair stay in place. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go a week without washing your hair. A day or two will be just fine!


Play with Textures

The great thing about a fishtail braid is its versatility. It looks wonderful in all different situations, and you can experiment with different textures. For example, if you want something romantic, find a product that will give your hair a matte look. Smoothing hair products will create a chic, sleek braid.

I hope these tips for creating a fishtail braid were helpful. Although it’s easy once you get started, creating this braid for the first time can be a little tricky. You can also check out video tutorials to see how it’s done. Do any of you have some tips for creating a fishtail braid?

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