7 Fabulous Tips to Keep Your Hair Beautifully Healthy between Cuts ...


7 Fabulous Tips to Keep Your Hair Beautifully Healthy between Cuts ...
7 Fabulous Tips to Keep Your Hair Beautifully Healthy between Cuts ...

Tips for Healthy Hair can be hard to find if you are looking for a way to keep your tresses looking happy, healthy and shiny between cuts. Never fear ladies! I got your back when it comes to tips for healthy hair! Below, I'm going to talk about the top 7 tips for healthy hair so you won't have to get your hair cut all the time!

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Did you know that your diet actually can affect how your hair looks? If your hair is dull and just flat, you might want to try sprucing up your diet and eating some great fruits and veggies. The healthier you eat and put inside your body, the greater your hair will look!


Wash Only when Needed

I actually wash my hair every day. In conversations at work though, I've found out from some of my ladies that their tips for healthy hair consist of the lack of washing their hair. Now if you have oily hair, by all means, wash it everyday but if you don't need to – skip a day or two and let some of those natural oils build back up in your hair to make it look healthy and shiny!


Good Conditioner

The cream rinse (also called conditioner) that you use has to be stellar. It's the last thing that goes onto your hair and it is actually one of the last products that seals in all that moisture. My favorites conditioners come from Pantene and Herbal Essences – what do you ladies like?


Chemical Free

I am so guilty of dying my hair – every six weeks, I am buying my hair dye and sprucing up my locks. If you can do it – avoid dying your hair and keeping it chemical-free – it'll make all of the difference! This is definitely one of the tips for healthy hair that I just can't stick to!


Limit the Heat

Sometimes, if you have the time, let your hair naturally dry or maybe just not straighten it for a day. The less heat the better ladies. I'm actually guilty of both straightening and blow drying my hair – but I have been cutting down a lot and I've noticed a huge difference!


Natural Hair Masks

This is one of the tips for healthy hair that I have taken to heart completely and it's made a huge difference! The natural hair mask that I use is actually just egg whites. They make my hair super shiny and totally soft! What do you ladies use?


Limit the Products

Finally, the last of the 7 tips for healthy hair we are going to talk about is products. Ladies, the hairspray, the root lifter and the gel are all things that can limit the shine and sheen of your hair. Limit the products and you'll see a huge difference!

So ladies, these are just a few tips for healthy hair that I've picked up on and have been using. The hair dye one – that's the only one I don't think I can give up on, but the rest of the tips for healthy hair, I'll work on. What about you ladies? Do you have any tips and that you use extend the haircut out another week? Share it!

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I usually use egg whites for my face to thighten it up my pores I didn't realise you could use it for your hair... I usually use mayo hair mask too!

I have to wash my hair daily, in order to keep it nice and neat looking. My hair is normal, not dry and not oily, but I can't style it if I do not wash it first.

what is and how do you use the natural hair mask

L'Oreal Everstrong overnight repair treatment works wonders!

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