Hair Tips 7 Ways to Avoid Hat-Squished Hair ...


Hair Tips 7 Ways to Avoid Hat-Squished Hair ...
Hair Tips 7 Ways to Avoid Hat-Squished Hair ...

Hair Tips come in handy for everybody, no matter what kind of hair you have. The hair tips I’m about to share with you today will help you deal with something that often troubles most of us girls – hat squished hair! Now don’t you just hate when that happens? Yeah…I do too! Luckily, there is more than just one way to deal with this problem so I’ll just get straight to the point and give you these 7 incredibly useful hair tips.

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Use Hairspray on Your Roots

Lift sections of hair that tend to squish and give them a spray starting from the base and going maybe up to the half length. This cunning little trick will reinforce your hair, helping it stand straight from its roots, providing sustainable volume and bounce that isn’t easily squishable. Simple, yet effective – isn’t it? Well, keep reading because I have a lot more awesome hair tips to share.


Opt for a Hat-Friendly Hairstyle

A head full of wild curls and a ski hat aren’t really the best match in the world so if the situation really calls out for a tight hair-flattening hat, I’m afraid the only thing you can do is opt for a hairstyle that isn’t as easy to mess up. If you’re going to spending your winter holidays on a mountain, remember to bring a hair-straightener and opt for glam, sleek, completely flat hair that’s easy to pack under a ski cap and needs only a light toss to look fabulous.


Take the Hat off when Indoors

Once you reach your destination the hat needs to go off, regardless of how gorgeous or stylish it is. Now, I’m not saying this only because wearing a hat indoors is considered rude but also because that hairstyle hiding under it could use a toss or some combing to maintain its shape. Keep in mind that wet hair tends to adopt the hat shape much easier and don’t allow yourself the laziness of keeping your hat on despite the fact that you’re sweating under it. It’s bad for you look and, if it’s really cold outside, it might even be bad for your health!


Don’t Use Too Many Styling Products

There are a few more hair tips we all need to know if we want our hairstyles to remain perfect even under a hat. According to the stylists, we should slap ourselves on the wrist every time we reach for that volumizing mousse or a hair gel! Yes, it’s a bit unusual, indeed, but these sticky, greasy products actually enhance the squishing effect!


Pick a Hairstyle-Friendly Hat

From stylish Fedora hats to chic yet casual “bean” hats – there are plenty of super-cute roomy hats to choose from! Now, I’m not sure if this falls under the category of hair tips but, hey, we must talk hats too, especially because they are the things responsible for those squished, weird hairstyles we hate. The basic rule for picking a hat that won’t squish your hair is pretty simple – make sure it’s either ultra soft or spacious enough to accommodate both your head and your hair.


“Pack” Your Hair like a Pro

The next of my hair tips is rather simple and all you’ll have to do is try a few hair-packing tricks to figure out which one works best for you. Some ladies think a loose bun is the easiest way to pack hair under a hat without messing it up, some comb it back and tie it in a low ponytail and some even part it differently to prevent their natural parting from squishing. I usually scrunch my locks and secure them with a few bobby pins or use the low-ponytail method in case my hairstyle for the day is straight.


Be Creative

Hats are not the only way to keep your head and ears warm during winter, which means you can pull off a few amazing hairstyles that don’t tolerate a hat and still get away with it! Gently wrap a big, warm foulard over your head to protect your face and neck from the cold if you need to keep your bun hairstyle perfect or use furry ear-warmers to keep your sexy, spiral curls looking perfect even on a ski slope.

Well, the catastrophe has just been prevented, thanks to some great hair tips! LOL! And I know you’ll be using some of these hair tips very soon…maybe even next morning! Right? Tell me – how do you fight hat-hair and do you have a few interesting hair tips to share as well?

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Love these! I've been wearing hats a ton, and cute as they are, my hair has been paying for it.

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