8 Wild Things to do with Your Hair ...


8 Wild Things to do with Your Hair ...
8 Wild Things to do with Your Hair ...

Do you ever get bored with your hair, and long to do something adventurous with it? If you’re feeling bold, I’ve come up with some wild and wacky ideas for you to try. They’re not for the fainthearted, but some of them are temporary, so if you find you don’t like being stared at they’re easily reversible. Be brave …

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Get Wiggy

Wigs are one of the best ways to change your look without making a commitment. But I’m not talking about simply changing your style. No, I mean try a wig in a really bold colour or style. Go for a colour like red or purple, or a style that’s radically different from your own. Act like it’s totally natural, that way you’re more likely to be able to carry it off.


If you've always dreamed of a pixie cut but shiver at the thought of chopping off your locks, a wig is the perfect solution. Slide into a platinum blonde shortie or a jet-black bob and watch the reactions you get. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures, either; try something curly or stick straight if it’s the polar opposite of your natural hair. It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone with confidence and sass. Remember, the more you own it, the more you’ll shine with that new funky head of hair!



If a total colour change is too much for you, then try some streaks. These can either be via clip-in extensions, or using a temporary colour. If you really like the effect, then you could always try something more long-term.


Big It up!

In the Eighties, big hair was an absolute essential. Getting ready for a night out meant plenty of backcombing and cans of hairspray. It’s not good for the hair to do it too often, but try it for an occasional eyecatching look. If you have long hair, go for a beehive and make yourself about a foot taller!



I’ve already dealt with colour IN the hair, now I’m referring to colour ON the hair. This means using scarves, headbands or pieces of fabric to decorate your hair. Or whatever you can find – there are no limits!


Accessorizing with pops of color is an instant mood booster and a fab way to exude confidence. Picture a bold red ribbon woven through a braid, or a psychedelic tie-dye scrunchie crowning your ponytail. When selecting materials, think outside the box: recycled fabrics or old t-shirts cut into strips make for eco-friendly and unique hair ties. It’s not just about practicality; your hair can become a canvas for your artistic flair. So dive into your drawer of forgotten treasures, mix textures with fearlessness and remember: the only rule is there are no rules.


Flower Power

You can buy pretty flower clips for your hair, but I’m talking bigger and bolder than that. Get the most massive fake flower you can find. Or clip several onto a band. Or fix lots of real blooms in your hair (unless you suffer from allergies …).


Au Naturel

Maybe the natural look doesn’t sound very bold. But have you seen yourself first thing in the morning? Do you look like the Bride of Frankenstein? Then go out looking like that! Forget combing and straightening, sport the natural look (unless you’re off to work).


Other Extreme

Are you dark-haired? Then try going blonde. If you’re fair, see how you’d look as a brunette. Whatever your natural colour, go for the complete opposite. This is, of course, best done with wigs, unless you want major root growth issues and possibly lengthy regrets as you wait for the dye to grow out.



Go for the chop! That doesn’t necessarily mean going very short, unless you’ve got the sort of features to carry it off, just going for a shorter cut if you have long hair. But if you think there is the slightest chance that you might regret it, then stay away from the hairdressers!

These are some pretty silly ideas, to be sure, but they’re meant to be a bit of fun. What’s the wackiest thing you’ve ever done to your hair?

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I just got my first wig yesterday. I hadn't seen this article until today I'm so glad I did too, I looked like a completely different person.

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