8 Ways to Care for Your Curls ...


8 Ways to Care for Your Curls ...
8 Ways to Care for Your Curls ...

When they’re beautifully maintained, thick, lustrous curls are pretty much a universal object of envy. However, if they’re even just a little dry or undernourished, curly tresses tend to dehydrate, break and frizz. This hair type needs plenty of special attention to keep it in shape: as anyone with a head full of ringlets will tell you, there’s a fine line between bushy, fuzzy hair and a mane of well looked after, individual waves. To help you keep your hair in check, and to make sure it stays healthy and strong, I’ve done some reading and put together this list of 8 ways to care for your curls.

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Don’t over-Wash

The most common problem experienced by women with curly hair is dryness. Dehydrated, wavy tresses become dull, frizzy and fragile. Ion order to ensure that you aren’t stripping yours of important natural moisturising oils, it’s a good idea to wash your hair, at most, every second day.



While you should absolutely not shampoo your hair every day, you might want to apply a conditioning product around about every twenty four hours. You can either do this in the shower with a wash out conditioner, or you might apply a good quality leave-in product to your dry tresses.


Choose Wisely

It is always a good plan to buy great quality shampoos and conditioners. Especially if you struggle with problem locks, you might find that of-the-shelf products from the supermarket just don’t cut it. Ask your hairdresser to recommend a good, nourishing brand of salon-grade hair-care items; you’ll find that professional products leave less build up and work more efficiently.


Get the Right Hair Dresser

It is so important that you find a hair dresser who is experienced working with curly locks. Next time you’re trying out a new salon, stress to the management that you need someone who has worked with your hair type: a professional who specialises in straighter tresses simply won’t have the skills-base to manage yours effectively.


Trim Regularly

As with all hair, it is essential that you trim on a regular basis. If left, split ends weaken the structural integrity of the strand and can result in wide-spread breakage and dull looking locks. Since curly locks are especially prone to dryness as it is, frequent maintenance cuts are particularly important.


Cut Intelligently

As a curly-haired girl, you’ll know that there are certain styles that simply won’t work with your locks; depending on the specifics of your hair type, you might struggle to make short layers work for you, for example. While it is technically possible to force your hair into any shape using straightening irons and blow driers, this kind treatment isn’t ideal for every day. To ensure that you achieve maximum success with your tresses, opt for a cut that wear with minimum styling and which suits your particular curls.



If you blow dry your curls regularly, be sure to use the diffuser and not the focus nozzle. Rather than drying your locks completely with a concentrated flow of hot air, this attachment will ensure that the heat is distributed even throughout your hair, and won’t risk burning and breakage.


Style Wisely

More often than not, curly locks need a few after-wash styling products to help to achieve the desired look. Again, make sure the variations you choose are good quality and designed to suit your particular type of curl. Silicon based straightening balms will help to loosen tight ringlets, for example, volumising mousse will add ‘oomph,’ and sea salt sprays will help to define and create naturally tousled waves.

Beautifully maintained locks look and feel fabulous, but managing them can be tricky. This list of 8 ways to care for your curls should help you to make sure yours are lustrous and luscious at all times. I’ve just sketched the basics though; do you have any more great suggestions of your own to add?

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I did the Keratin treatment too, and the hairdresser told me it would last about 4 months. However, I used the special Keratin shampoo and conditioner, which keeps the Keratin in your hair for longer. It really helped my tight, frizzy curls. :)

Well, that's great and all, but you didn't mention any deep treatment, or leave-in conditioner! I may have wavy hair, but my hair is still VERY dry. So, I end up treating my hair like a curly-girl should. Those two are LIFE SAVERS for my hair. I do a deep treatment every month, although you're supposed to do it every two weeks if you have curls. And I use leave-ins for the days that I get frizz. Also, leave-ins can help with split ends, for a SHORT while that is. But yes, it's really important to trim your hair. Although, I wouldn't go to a hair-dresser just to trim my hair. Cut, maybe, but trim? I can do that at home. No, I'm not a professional, but hey, I'm just trimming, so it can't be that messy, right? Great article!

I get the Keratin treatment done twice and year and it puts shine and life back into my curly hair. Make sure the one you use doesnt have formaldeyde in it.

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