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Hair Volume-what every woman craves! Well, most of us anyway. Even if you have straight hair, or like smoothed down styles, you still want a little swing and bounce right? Limp, flat hair is not anyone's idea of beautiful! Hair volume is pretty easy to achieve with a little practice and effort. You can get great hair volume in the shower! I'm going to tell you how if you keep reading my article on 9 tips for more hair volume!

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Be a Tease

For maximum hair volume that won't fail you-be a tease! That's right ladies, this is the one time it's okay to tease! All joking aside, teasing your hair does NOT damage it, contrary to popular belief. So get yourself a good back combing brush or comb and tease your hair until it's huge and fat with volume!


Check Your Products

There are specific products designed to give our manes gorgeous lift and volume. The only problem is, most of us grab the cheapest shampoo and conditioner without taking the time to read the labels! It's worth it to spend a few extra dollars for a nice shampoo. Take your time to read the labels and look for something that says "extra body" or "for volume and lift" on the bottle. You'll have great hair volume starting in the shower!


Try Hair Powder

Hair powder, also known as dry shampoo is one of the quickest ways to get awesome hair volume! You can buy it at nearly any drugstore. Just lift your hair up in sections and spray it directly on the roots. Combine this with a little backcombing and you'll have some huge hair volume going on that will last all day long!


Blow-Dry THIS Way

For the ultimate way to get hair volume like no other, learn the best way to blow-dry your hair. Flip your head upside down and aim the flow of air at your roots. This trains your hair to go UP instead of down, and the end result is delicious volume for your mane! It works for long or short locks!


Get the Right Cut

Hair volume starts with the right haircut. Ask your stylist to give you a shape that will encourage movement and enhance volume. Well-placed layers and blunt ends are a good place to start. And keep up your monthly trims! Dead ends and frayed strands will do absolutely nothing to help you get extra lift and hair volume.


Try Salon Treatments

If you have a little extra money to spend on your lovely locks, here's a way to get hair volume that requires little effort on your part. Have your hair permed or colored! A perm offers extra body with the curls, and coloring always makes your hair look thicker and fatter because your strands swell when they soak up the color. Even highlights will offer some extra oomph!


Buy Some Mousse

Mousse is a quick and inexpensive way to get some hair volume. Look for a thickening or volumizing one and squirt a golf ball sized pump in to your hands. Work it into your damp hair from roots to ends and then blow dry. Voila! You've got big hair volume going on girl!


Hairspray Tricks

Hairspray is an easy way to get some extra hair volume if you find yourself in a pinch or needing something quick. Spray a little on your finger tips and massage it into your roots for a quick pick-me-up, or lift up pieces of your hair, spray the roots lightly, and hold your hair there until it dries. You will get a little extra hair volume in 60 seconds!


Curl It

Curling your hair is a good way to boost your hair volume factor. You don't even need to curl every little strand! A few waves or big ringlets will give you some extra body and lift in a hurry! Invest in a good curling iron or a nice set of hot rollers. Your hair will benefit from it!

Hair volume isn't a distant dream, it's right within your grasp! These tips offer some of the best advice for achieving hair volume. Thank you for reading my article today! Did any of my tips for hair volume inspire you?

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