7 Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair ...


7 Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair ...
7 Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair ...

Frizzy Hair can be a real nightmare and, if your hair tends to frizz as well, you certainly know how hard it is to keep it in check! Luckily, there are a few great ways to deal with frizzy hair and, believe it or not, they are as simple as tips can get. So, if you’ve ever wondered what to do with your frizzy hair (and I’m pretty sure you have), feel free to find your answers right here:

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Cold Blowout

A cold blowout won’t only help set the hairstyle but does wonders for frizzy hair too! I’ve discovered this by accident while playing with the “cool” setting on my hairdryer and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised – this simple, yet effective trick didn’t only make my hair silkier and even shinier but it helped it keep its shape and smooth texture even when I thought there is no way my hairstyle will last longer than a half an hour.


Condition Well

You know how in TV commercials for hair products they always show on hair strand that’s full of cracks and one that’s nice, shiny, smooth and almost impenetrable? Well, the next time you start wondering why did your hair get so frizzy, remember this because that’s THE answer. Whether straight or curly, the hair has to have some texture, has to be nurtured from top to bottom – once its protective shell is broken, the water particles in the air are allowed inside which creates that frizz we all hate so much.


Use Silicon Drops

Liquid silicone drops are literally the best thing to use on curly or over-bleached frizzy hair, not only because they give it amazing shine but also because silicone-based hair products are known for their ability to “seal” cracks thus preventing the frizzy effect I’ve explained above.


Use a Silk Pillowcase

Cotton, suede or, even worst, synthetic pillowcases can damage, tangle and frizz your hair so the best way to deal with your frizzy hair would be to use silk pillowcases. Smooth and pleasantly cool – silk won’t only turn your regular nights into moments of pure luxury but provide a smooth surface for your hair to glide over helping it stay static and frizz free longer.


Avoid Breakage

Oh, I absolutely hate those broken strands and the worst thing is that no matter how perfectly your style your hair, they are always going to peak up like some weird antennas! Broken bits don’t only look bad but make hair that’s generally not so terribly frizzy appear like it is and that’s why you must condition well and use gentle padding movements instead of violent rubbing ones when you’re towel-drying your hair.


Avoid Split Ends

In case your frizzy hair has been giving you a lot of troubles lately and you can’t remember it being so frizzy in the past, the solution might be simpler than you though! So, when was the last time you’ve gotten your ends trimmed, dear? Split ends have to go, broken or damaged bits as well because they are nothing but dead weight that’s hurting your looks.


Give Your Hair Some Texture

Years and years of bleaching have taught me this- hair that lacks its natural texture tends to frizz much often. That basically means that when your natural texture is ruined, you must create one yourself and then literally seal the deal by applying a protective coat (silicone drops, hairspray, light-hold styling water or something similar). Now, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to apply heat and damage your hair even more – you can braid it while it’s still damp for a wavy hairstyle or use regular sponge or foam rollers to create fabulous curls.

Is frizzy hair giving you troubles, too, and if that’s a “yes” tell me which techniques you use to deal with your frizzy hair?

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