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What Causes Dandruff, anyways? Isn’t this the question most people ask themselves? I mean, I certainly am because there’s really no way to fix something if you don’t have the faintest idea about where is it broken and why did it get broken in the first place! Do you agree? Well, it’s about time to deal with this issue and get a clear picture on what causes dandruff. Most commercials say it has everything to do with yeast, fungus or even skin conditions but don’t worry because that’s only the worst case scenario. In fact, there are a lot of other things that will cause your scalp to flake like it never flaked before and they, believe it or not, include the weather conditions as well! So, here it is, for all of you who wondered what causes dandruff, the most complete list of all probable reasons.

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Skin Conditions

While dandruff is a mild, easily solvable problem for some, skin conditions might be what causes dandruff for others. And, believe it or not there are many skin conditions and even illnesses that can result in excessive flaking of the scalp. First and the most important one is Malassezia fungus, then there’s always yeast, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and even such illnesses as Parkinson's disease or pests such as head lice. That of course means that you should most definitely consult a dermatologist in case you’re experiencing constant discomfort and flaking that seems to get worse.


Prolonged Exposure to Heat

From hairdryers to sun tanning and overly heated areas – it’s not a secret that too much of everything can prove to be harmful and that, unfortunately, goes the heat too. Frequent use of a hairdryer can dry out your scalp and cause skin cells (which should flake and fall off when they are dead) to die faster and flake more often. Be nice to your hair, let it rest a bit, wash it in the evening to give it plenty of time to dry naturally by the morning and your scalp will certainly make it up to you for your efforts by flaking less.


Shampoo Residue

Washing your hair in a hurry might leave you with an itching, flaking scalp wondering what causes dandruff anyways. Well, the answer here is pretty simple and it’s something you must take into account before running to the store to pick up a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo! There are strong chances that you didn’t rinse well and now that shampoo residue is sitting on your scalp, irritating it and causing it to flake it hopes it will manage to cleanse itself from the irritating chemicals. So, the next time you’re about to wash your hair, make sure you rinse it properly and thoroughly, even if it takes a couple of minutes longer.



Still wondering what causes dandruff? Well, here’s another interesting and very probable theory – poor or improper diet! Not eating right or failing to eat enough nutrients will take a toll on your entire body making your skin dull and your nails and hear weak. This, unfortunately, causes the skin on your scalp to die faster and flake more. Now, experts also believe that, in order to deal with your dandruff problems, you must get plenty of zinc and vitamin B either through food or supplements. Now, that is an interesting approach to consider…Healthy from the inside- healthy on the outside



Unusual but, unfortunately, totally true – over stressing will take a toll on your looks and health. Mental exhaustion, stress and all their side effects are often followed by the increased flaking of the scalp so be sure ask yourself “Could this be a time for me to slow down?” before you reach for a bottle of anti dandruff shampoo. The shampoo will make the symptoms less noticeable, that’s for sure, but it won’t do anything to strengthen your weakened immunity caused by hours, months or even years of worries.


Irregular Hair Washing/Brushing

Remember when I say that you shouldn’t wash your hair too often? Well, by too often I actually meant every day! Why am I saying that? Well, simply because some people seem to believe not washing your hair for a week or more is actually a good thing. Well, I congratulate you if your hair manages to look good even after three days but I wouldn’t advise you skimp on your personal hygiene. You see, not washing and not brushing your hair regularly causes the flakes that need to fall off naturally to stick to your scalp and not allow the healthy skin cells to breathe. That causes these healthy skin cells to die faster as well and they all remain stuck to your head creating greasy lumps that keep smothering all life underneath them. Nasty… I tell you!


Weather Conditions

Damp weather, weather that is too cold, too warm or spending a lot of time in air conditioned or heated spaces can take its toll on your hair causing dandruff problems you’ve never experienced before. Medical experts agree this is possible and list it as one of the reasons of occasional and short term dandruff problems some people are experiencing at different times of the year.


Some Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products

Have you ever experienced flaking after changing your shampoo, conditioner or any of the styling products you normally use? Yup, I know, your answer is most likely to be “Yes”. It’s no secret that hair care products might be exactly what causes dandruff so you should never allow yourself to continue using the product your hair so openly objects to. Different people might be allergic to different things and if some of the chemicals the product in question are causing you harm, there is no reason to continue irritating your poor scalp and allowing a mild discomfort caused by an allergy to grow into something more serious.

And now, when you know what causes dandruff, you can proceed to choosing many completely acceptable ways to deal with your problem! Just keep in mind that knowing what causes dandruff is just the first step. If you have a prolonged problem, definitely get it checked out by your physician. So, tell me ladies, have you managed to determine what causes dandruff for you?

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i have no idea what causes my dandruff. i have really long hair and when i wash it too much, the ends get really dry and poofy, and then even when i try to wash my scalp really good, i still end up with dandruff on my scalp that seems even worse than before i washed it. I need help, but i cant go and see a derm :( help!




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