7 Hair Highlighting Tips You Should Know ...


7 Hair Highlighting Tips You Should Know ...
7 Hair Highlighting Tips You Should Know ...

Hair Highlighting is a very popular procedure that allows you to add volume, depth and shine your hair while getting to keep your natural color. Hair highlighting is also a perfect way to gradually lighten your hair color or go completely blonde without serious damage that usually follows quick transitions. But, wait, these two rather simple sentences just can’t cover everything you’d most definitely want to know about hair highlighting and I absolutely must tell you more! So, here are a few interesting, good to know tips and facts:

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Hair Highlighting Can Significantly Change Your Looks

Want to brighten up your complexion or make your eyes pop? Well, do get some highlights by all means! If you group them around your face your face will appear brighter and your complexion more radiant and, if you opt for highlighting your bangs instead, your eyes will literally glow!


Hair Highlighting Can Make You Appear Younger

Did you notice that most celebs start highlighting their hair the moment their reach a certain age? Well, that’s because highlights are the fountain of youth no one in Hollywood can deny! They will make your face pop, erase tiny traces of aging and they are a perfect, not to mention very low maintenance, solution for covering gray hair!


Highlights Must Compliment Your Hair Color

Warm browns look best with natural blonde, light brown and caramel highlights while cool hair colors really pop when freshened up with some ash and ice tones. The rule is pretty simple and it’s the same one you’d use when choosing the ideal hair color – warm with warm, cold with cold.


Don’t Overdo It

Highlights are supposed to compliment your natural hair color and make it shinier, not change it completely which means you should go easy with them and you shouldn’t put them very close together. This rule, however, doesn’t apply in case you’re trying to go blonde or lighten up your hair more than 2 shades.


Hair Highlighting Can Give You More Volume

If your hair lacks that luscious, rich volume, highlights are the way to go! The trick here is to weave your highlights through the curves of your hairstyle, allowing them to reflect light and create the illusion of more voluminous hair.


There Are Many Hair Highlighting Procedures to Choose from

Are you hoping to achieve that picture-perfect Jenifer Aniston look or you want to go with something edgier? Well, foil highlights are certainly not the only technique that can give you the hair you want. You can choose “balayage”, a technique that involves painting only a few carefully chosen chunks of hair or you can even tell your hairdresser to touch up the tips only, giving you a very edgy, interesting look.


DIY Highlights

Believe it or not, you can make your own highlights at home and all you’ll need to have are two or three complimentary shades and a steady hand. Simply comb your hair first until there are no tangles left, apply the dye on your comb and run it through the hair. It’s as simple as that!

Is there anything else you’d want to know about hair highlighting? Or maybe you have some of your own hair highlighting tips to share? Do tell!

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They're also SO great when you're trying to grow out all over color and don't want your roots to show -- I can see my natural color for the first time in -- well, for the first time in a looong time. :D

Does anyone know how to tone down highlights at home?

Does anyone have the full photo for the picture shown? I would love to do my hair like that.

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