7 Tips for Perfect Long Lasting Weave Hairstyles ...


7 Tips for Perfect Long Lasting Weave Hairstyles ...
7 Tips for Perfect Long Lasting Weave Hairstyles ...

Weave Hairstyles or, simply put, weaves are one of the most popular ways to protect your hair, avoid breakage and grow it to the length you want without having to give up the so-called “head full of hair” in the process. In fact, many actresses and songstresses of today rely on weave hairstyles to give them that fabulous, trend-setting, rapidly changing sassy cuts the girls all around the world are crazy for. Now, weave is not a toy, that’s for sure, so here are some tips that should help you enjoy your perfect, long lasting weave hairstyle:

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Choose Good Quality Hair

If you’re going to be wearing somebody else's hair it really must be a top quality one because hiding your own gorgeous hair (regardless of how short it is) is absolutely pointless if you’re not planning to replace it with something just as good. Good quality hair also sheds less, is easier to style and looks more natural so I’d advise you to consider weave hairstyles only if you are 100% sure you’ll be getting your money’s worth.


Use a Comb Instead of a Brush

Now, here’s a little trick I’ve picked up while watching various YouTube tutorials and, if my memory serves me right, it’s main goal is to minimize breakage and shedding. So, instead of using a paddle brush, groom your hair with a regular wide-toothed comb.


Choose a Good Stylist

A professionally done weave is a good weave so ask to see the stylist’s portfolio before you make a final choice. Some hairdressers won’t be able to give you the perfect, seamless part you want, others might do a poor stitch job or braid your hair too tight or too loose and, since getting a weave hairstyle is not a negligible expense, you really want to get the best stylist you can. Don’t be shy, don’t let the others talk you into this or that – it’s your hair, girl, and you have the right to DEMAND perfection.


Maintain Your Weave

In order for your natural hair to stay healthy, the weave hairstyle needs to go off every two, maximum three months so try to fight the temptation to keep on longer than that. And old weave won’t only damage your hair underneath but can even look kind of shabby and shed as well and, losing sections of good reusable hair isn’t really the most budget-friendly option out there.


Take Care of Your Natural Hair

The natural hair underneath your weave is a base so, if you want to keep it healthy (and I know you do), you must condition it well. Remember that, although a weave hairstyle let’s you experiment with your hair without long-term negative effect such as dry hair, burned hair, color you don’t like, haircut you’re not happy with, it’s only as good and as the hair underneath allows. No hair-no weave – it does sound cruel but it’s true.

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George Santayana


Once you decide on the weave hairstyle you want to have, research thoroughly until you get familiar with literally every step of the way. Go though the basic weaving techniques, ask questions to find out which stylist is the best, which size of cornrows will be the best for you etc. etc. etc. Once your weave is done, you’re going to be stuck with it and removing something you’ve paid big bucks for just because it’s not what you wanted could be a pretty bad experience you most definitely want to avoid.



Even top quality hair needs a little trim here and there so don’t be afraid to visit your hairdresser once a month for a teeny-tiny chop. Pricey or not – that hair is dead which means it’s weaker, dryer and easier to break.

Have you ever had some weave hairstyles done? Do you even like weave hairstyles? I like the general idea but I’m not sure I’d be able to tolerate anything other than my own hair for such a long period of time.

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I personally love weave. I've been wearing it for 5 years straight. I always say "once you get weave, you'll never leave".

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