7 Tips on Creating Romantic Curls ...


7 Tips on Creating Romantic Curls ...
7 Tips on Creating Romantic Curls ...

The thing with romantic curls is that they're loose and care-free, while still adding lots of body and style to your hair. Romantic curls are different from corkscrew curls or banana curls. And they're not the same thing as "waves" either. Using the 7 tips on creating romantic curls found in this article, you'll certainly be ready for your next date night!

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Curl in Sections

It's best to divide your hair into 3 sections: ear to ear, temple to temple, and top of the head. You will pin up the top 2 sections and start curling the "ear to ear" section first. After that section is complete, you will move on to your "temple to temple" section, and finish with the top of your head. This will give your curls more definition and texture, and will make curling much easier, especially if you have layers.


Watch Your Iron Size

Though I feel it's better to do romantic curls with a flat iron, you can also achieve great curls with a curling iron. (Or course, that's what they're for, right?) However, if you're going to use a curling iron for romantic curls, make sure it's a bigger barrel like a 1 1/2 " or so. Remember, romantic curls are loose and feminine, and the bigger the barrel, the looser the curls.


Mousse after Wash

I find my hair to have better hold (without having crunchy curls) if I mousse my hair after washing and before drying. After it's dry, I brush through it and then proceed with my curling. This gives your hair a bit more hold without dealing with a lot of hard hair.


Use a Heat Protector

One of the key ingredients to romantic curls is soft, well maintained hair. As great as it is to use heated tools on our hair, it's also very important to use a protein spray on your hair to protect it from the damage of heat - especially your ends. I don't know if there is any brand that is better when it comes to this product or not, but I do know that TREsemme has a good one. But as long as it is for the purpose of protecting your hair from heat damage, you should be fine with just about any brand.


Take Your Time

Beauty comes with a price, and the price for romantic curls is a little of your time. As you near the top of your head, you're going to start getting tired and ready to be done, but don't sacrifice a lovely hairstyle for a few minutes less of hairstyling. Make sure to do all your curls good, that way your hairstyle will last the entire time you're out.

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Use Your Fingers

Don't comb your curls out with your comb or brush. Instead, gently pick through your curls with your fingers and gently tousle the ends. For a more "bed-head" effect, flip your head over and give it a few shakes. At this time, you can also give yourself a bit more volume on top, gently tease the top few layers of your hair and gently comb over to smooth things up. You're almost done!


Use Good Hairspray

By "good" I mean hairspray that isn't going to freeze your curls up. You need your hair to move freely, to bounce as you walk. Choose a light-hold hairspray - just enough to keep those curls around for a while. (Remember, you've got mousse to help it to hold if you followed tip 3.) All you need is a little. Keep your curls full of life and liberty to move around!

There you have it! Romantic curls are yours, if you follow these easy tips and you're ready to have a blast!

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The part where you put moose in after a the shower ruins the curls.....didn't work

I'm going to try this out! Thanks for the tips!

I noticed you mentioned how you prefer making romantic curls with the flat iron. I like using the flat iron as well, but Im curious to know your method. Would you mind sharing that or is there somewhere I could go to find that? Thanks so much, xoxo

@Sheila Joseph what do you think about long hair for someone like me who's now just tuned 51!??

@Nicole it depends on your hair type - I used to use mouse but it weighed my hair down way too much, I skip it or use hair oil instead

hey i love this website thanks for the info u put on the website

Could you use one of the natural heat protectors (like argan oil) instead of product? Or would that weigh down the hair too much?

There are lots of heat free options for creating exactly these pretty types of curls too if you're not in a hurry - look on youtube for tutorials on sock curls, rag curls and pin curls. Once you have mastered these techniques, it will take you 5 minutes before bed and then 5 minutes in the morning to achieve any type of curl you want without any heat damage (so you can rock a different style every single day if you want without worrying about stressing your locks or having to wash out build up from heat protective products!)

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