Top 8 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid ...


Top 8 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid ...
Top 8 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid ...

Though we know how to care for our hair, something seems to be not right when every other week we need to look for newer better ways to make us hair-happy. Here are 8 mistakes that have damaging effects on our hair.

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Do Not Brush Wet Hair

Wet hair is fragile and more elastic than dry hair. Brushing wet hair makes it stretch and snap. Over time, you end up with a head full of hair with spit ends, making it look unsightly which no amount of smoothing gel can tame.


Do Not Use the Blow Dryer Too Often

Blow drying hair everyday dries out the hair cuticle. Your hair becomes brittle and breaks away easily. The same goes for curling irons, straightening irons and hot curlers. Lock them away and switch to styling without heat.


Too Clean is Not Good

A squeaky clean scalp is bad news for your hair. Washing your hair too often and with strong shampoos will strip the scalp of oils which are essential to hydrated hair. A dry scalp will result in dandruff bringing with it hair fall.


Do Not Wait for Hair to Get Too Dirty

Don't wash your hair too often but also, you must not get carried away and wait for the hair to get all sticky with sebum. The dirt that settles into very dirty hair clogs the hair follicles making them limp and easily breakable during the wash.


Do Not Wear Your Hair in a Bun Too Often

Tight hairstyles like buns, high ponytails and plats make you look neat. However when your hair is kept tied up for long, it puts a lot of strain on the roots weakening them and leading to spurts of hair loss. You can tie up your hair in a lose pony tail or braid, but avoid using rubber bands and metal fasteners.


Do Not Cut Your Hair Yourself

You may have an easy-to-cut-at-home hair style. But that job is best left to the stylists. Salons have special scissors and tools designed to cut hair finely without causing damage. Home scissors can damage the hair follicle and cause split ends.


Do Not Perm or Straighten

Chemical treatments like straightening, relaxing, and getting perms are best avoided. However good the product quality may be, the chemicals used in these destroy the hair shaft, making it loose its sheen and smoothness. It becomes highly susceptible to breakage and split ends in the long run.


Do Not Brush Excessively

Brushing your hair too much or too often is very harmful. I don’t deny that brushing make our hair look shinier and more voluminous. Just a few strokes going through all your hair are enough to give it the shine and volume it needs. Excessive brushing causes friction thus breaking your hair. To detangle begin from the tips and keep going higher.

Keep yourself from making these mistakes again and watch your hair woes disappear. You will also need fewer products to pile up in your bathrooms. Don’t you think that would make your hair happier?

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How can you damage the hair follicle with home scissors when the hair follicle is the pore on your head where the hair comes out? You're not using the scissors on your scalp!

i have a question love this site but i always put my hair in a bun? is that bad my hair is really long but i never felt strain or weakened roots

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