8 Things That Damage Hair ...


8 Things That Damage Hair ...
8 Things That Damage Hair ...

It seems women are intent on torturing themselves, as well as their hair, in the name of beauty. I can think of at least 8 things that damage hair and I’ve listed each one below. I know I’ve done all of them at some point in my life. I try to keep my hair-torture down to a minimum!

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Hot Irons

This includes curling irons, flat irons, and crimping irons. The extreme heat produced by each one can help you to create some awesome dos, but the intensity of the heat given off by these implements can really do a number on your hair. If you are going to use them, then try to limit the usage.


Ponytail Holders

Ponytail holders with the little metal clasps on them can damage your hair almost as much as a rubber band. I remember using rubber bands to put my hair in ponytail when I was a little kid. Thankfully there a number of hair holders that are covered with soft material that greatly reduces the stress they put on your hair.



Constant styling can cause hair to break and split more so than if you simply brush it and let it go. I know not everyone has hair the looks great on its own. My hair is extremely unruly when left to do its own thing. I have to at least keep it in a braid if I don’t want to scare my family with my locks!


Blow Drying

This is another one of these hair styling implements that stresses your hair. The intense heat dries out the hair and causes it to become more brittle. If you can let your hair air-dry most of the time, it will be much better off. If you truly need to blow dry it, then make sure to have a really good conditioner on it beforehand. Using a lower heat when drying your hair might take longer, but it won’t be as destructive on your lovely strands of hair as a super hot hair dryer will be.


Sun Exposure

The sun’s rays aren’t only harmful to your skin, but also to your hair. Redken makes this amazing product called UV Rescue After-Sun Conditioner. It is great stuff to have on hand if you spend a lot of time in the sun. There is also another product Redken has that is called Sun Shape Swim Cream. This protects hair against the effects of the sun and even against chlorine in swimming pools too.



Not bleaching your hair at all is the best way to protect it against the harmful effects of bleaching, but avid hair-bleachers won’t go for this. Applying a lot of conditioner might help soften over-bleached hair, but it will by no means put it back to normal.



Perms can be just as harmful as bleaching. Thankfully the chemicals used in perms aren’t quite as destructive to hair as they used to be. Many perm kids include a solution that conditions hair and gets rid of that horrible smell often associated with perms. But, again, staying away from perms is the healthiest alternative for your hair.


Swimming Pools

The intensity of the chlorine level in swimming pools is absolutely amazing and not in a good way. Chlorine severely dries out hair, which can be avoided by wearing a nifty little invention called a swim cap. If you insist on not wearing one of these fashion accessories, then you might want to invest in some of the Redken Sun Shape Swim Cream I mentioned earlier or keep your head out of the water all together.

I hope this list of 8 things that damage hair open your eyes to the dangers your hair has to face. I know this list makes it sound like you have to have boring hair in order to keep it healthy, but this isn’t the case. As long as you minimize the amount of torture you put your hair through, you should be able to have nice looking lock. What have you done to your hair that has probably caused damage to it?

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