8 Hair Care Tips for Greasy Hair ...


8 Hair Care Tips for Greasy Hair ...
8 Hair Care Tips for Greasy Hair ...

The grass is always greener on the other side. Those that have dry hair yearn for it to be a tad bit oilier while those that have greasy hair would do anything to make it a leeeetle bit drier. Such are the ways of the world that we can never be happy with what we have. Philosophy aside, having oily hair does have its flipsides. It gets dirtier a lot faster and attracts more dust and grime leading to build up in the scalp. In addition, it’s extremely difficult to style and maintain. Well, your days of woe and despair are over because my 8 hair care tips for greasy hair are going to banish excess oil from your tresses. Here we go...

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It’s important to keep oily hair clean and the best way to do that is to shampoo regularly. However, in your enthusiasm, make sure you don’t overdo it. Excessive shampooing is counter-productive. It dries your hair causing the sebaceous glands in the scalp to produce more oil. You see where this is going? So, limit yourself to a hair wash once every two or three days and use products designed especially for oily hair.



Conditioner is not a must for oily hair but there’s no denying that the right kind of conditioner does wonders for your hair. Therefore, use a light, oil-free conditioner and do so sparingly. And take care not to apply it to the scalp and roots, just the ends of your hair.


Regular Brushing

Everybody knows that regular brushing stimulates the scalp and causes the natural oils to be evenly distributed through your hair. So, why do I recommend it for oily hair? Simply because if you brush your hair regularly, the scalp will start producing less oil, ergo...less oily hair in the long run.


Hair Wash with Lukewarm Water

Washing your hair with lukewarm water is one of the best hair care tips for greasy hair. Hot water worsens the condition of oily hair causing it to produce even more oil. For the final rinse use cold water – this may not be very pleasant but works wonders on oily hair.


Keep Hair Away from Your Face when Exercising

When you exercise, you perspire. If your hair hasn’t been pulled up or kept away from the face with a headband, it’s bound to get greasier and dirtier. The same holds true for people who have a hectic field job or are required to be outdoors for extended periods of time. So secure your hair away from your face at the slightest hint of perspiration.

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Avoid Hot Air Styling

This is one of those no-brainer hair care tips for greasy hair. When your scalp gets heated, it produces oil. That’s why you need to maintain a safe distance between your hair and flat irons, blow dryers, and other hair styling tools. And if you must, use them at the lowest setting possible.


V for Vinegar

Washing your hair with vinegar strips the hair of extra oil and build-up of shampoo. Wondering what kind of vinegar to use? White vinegar is the best choice because the flavored ones have artificial ingredients that can be bad for your hair. Dilute vinegar with water and use it for the last rinse after you’re done washing and conditioning your hair. It would also help to massage it into the scalp for a couple of minutes and rinse it out thoroughly.


Use Homemade Hair Wash

This homemade hair wash is like the ultimate cleanser for oily hair. Make a smooth paste by mixing baking soda and lukewarm water. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice, if your hair is especially greasy. Apply this mixture to your scalp and massage it in with your fingertips. Wash it thoroughly. Shampooing isn’t necessary after this.

Looking after problem hair requires patience, commitment, and hard work. You need to be consistent in your care and make these 8 hair care tips for greasy hair part of your routine. Irregularity will only exacerbate the condition, leaving you feeling highly dissatisfied and frustrated. And that is certainly not the entire point of this exercise. So, do you promise to be consistent?

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I have blonde hair and as we all know blonde hair gets oily over night so I always shower in the morning but my hair is straight so sometimes I want to braid it at night and have it wavy in the morning but then it's a greasy mess. Any suggestions on how to keep it from getting greasy overnight?

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