7 Hair-Care Hints for Humid Weather ...


7 Hair-Care Hints for Humid Weather ...
7 Hair-Care Hints for Humid Weather ...

If you’ve ever visited a warm, tropical climate, or if you live in a country where the weather is permanently hot and moist, you will doubtless be very well acquainted with the disastrous effect of humidity on your hair. High moisture levels in the air cause straight hair to frizz, carefully designed curls to drop and textured locks to become untameable and bushy. In short, this kind of atmosphere requires that you keep a hat with you at all times. Luckily, however, it is possible counteract the unfortunate results of mixing gorgeous locks with warm, damp air and to help you to do this effectively, I’ve compiled this list of 7 Hair-Care hints for humid weather.

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The first and most important thing that you will need to know if you are going to protect your hair from the effects of humidity is that the drier your locks are, the worse the harder they’ll be hit with frizzing and flopping. Dehydrated hair is porous and absorbs moisture quickly, so if you’re dealing with a humid climate, you’ll want to make sure you deep condition to restore and nourish damage tresses.


Air Dry

While a blow drier has many benefits, it’s not a great tool to use if you’re dealing with humidity. Directing a stream of dry hot air at your locks will simply cause them to dehydrate and that, as we’ve established, is the last thing you want.


Air-drying is the best way to go when it comes to dealing with humid weather. It is important to avoid using a blow dryer because the hot air will dehydrate your hair, making it more prone to frizz and damage. Instead, let your hair air-dry naturally.

When air-drying, it is important to use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt to remove excess water from your hair. Avoid using a regular towel because the friction can cause breakage and split ends. When drying, it is important to gently squeeze the water out of your hair rather than rubbing it.

To help reduce frizz and add shine to your hair, use a product that is specifically designed for humid weather. Look for products that contain silicone or oils, such as argan oil, as these will help to lock in moisture and create a barrier to protect against the humidity.

When styling your hair, it is important to use a product that will help to hold the shape of your style. Look for products that contain polymers, which will help to keep your hair in place and reduce frizz.


Cold Splash

When you have finished washing your hair with a nourishing, moisture replenishing shampoo, blast your locks with a stream of cool water. This will help to close down your hair’s cuticle and seal up the pores so that moisture from the air can’t get in and wreck your style.


Silicone Balm

Applying a silicone based hair balm can work wonders in humid weather. This kind of product coats the strands of your hair and helps both to seal in natural moisture and to prevent atmospheric dampness from interfering. Take care not to overload, however. Too much silicone and your hair will feel heavy and lifeless.


Leave-in Treatment

Get yourself a good leave in conditioning treatment and use at least once a week. Go for a product that advertises its anti-humectant properties; this will help to restore lost moisture to your locks, and because you don’t need to rinse it out, you don’t risk exposing your hair to the stripping effects of water.


Keep Your Length

While a lot of girls cut off their longer locks in preparation for the heat of sticky summer, this is not the best strategy if you’re keen to counteract the effects of humidity. Longer style tend to be heavier and the weight of the hair helps to prevent unwanted puffiness. While shorter, lighter cuts will curl up in the damp air, lengthy tresses will keep their shape.


Keep Your Hair Ties with You

If all else fails and your carefully planned style is defeated by heavy humid air, you will doubtless be keen to tie it up as soon as you can. Make sure you leave the house with plenty of hair ties and clips to help you to tame your tresses in times of crisis.

Humidity is a notorious style wrecker; frizz and lopsided puffiness are rarely looks you go for on purpose. Hopefully this list of 7 hair-care hints for humid weather will help you to battle the damp air and stay looking chic and sleek in a tropical climate. Do you have any handy suggestions of your own to add?

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