8 Steps to Beautiful Curls ...


8 Steps to Beautiful Curls ...
8 Steps to Beautiful Curls ...

Achieving curls with a pair of tongs or straighteners is pretty easy; however, keeping these looking bouncy and full of life is another matter entirely. If you have poker straight locks, and you like to mix up your style with waves every now and then, you’ll know about hair’s disappointing tendency to fall flat, even after what seems like hours of styling. To help you get that volume to last, I’ve done some research and put together a list of 8 steps to beautiful curls.

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The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

No matter what style you’re going for, if you’re about to curl your hair experts suggest you start with the correct cleansing and conditioning products. Remember that silicon-rich ranges dedicated to taming naturally curly hair won’t help you. Instead, opt for a volumising product: these are light and include boosting agents which prevent hair from becoming ‘weighed down.’



Whenever you use a heat styler, it is absolutely necessary that you make sure your hair is adequately protected. Towel dry your freshly washed locks and spritz on any good defensive product; this will help to limit damage and breakage.



Find a good-quality curling mousse with a little bit of a hold in it – if you’re not sure what to buy ask your hairdresser to give you some pointers. Massage the appropriate amount through your still damp, heat protected tresses, making sure it’s evenly distributed from the root of your hair to the tips.


Blow Dry

First, part your hair in the way you prefer and, using a powerful hairdryer, blow dry the roots flat. Next, tip your head upside down and dry completely. Encourage hair to ‘scrunch’ by working it with your fingers and regularly varying the direction of the airflow.


The Right Tools

Heat stylers come in widely varying standards and for the best result you want top make sure that you own a good one. If you think having straighteners and curling tongs is a little excessive, opt for a general purpose hair tool that will do both jobs well: there are plenty of these on the market. Most newer hair straighteners, for example, have rounded edges are make equally as fab curling irons.


Divide and Curl

Using a few industrial strength hair clips, divide your locks into easy-to-handle pieces and begin the curling process. If you’re going for a full head of tight, springy curls, be sure to wrap the hair around the tongs all the way up to the root. If you’re after a looser, wavy look, roll the hair around the irons from the tips to about three quarters of the way up its length.


Clip up

The key to getting your curls to endure lies in keeping them coiled up until they are completely cool. If your hair tends to fall flat immediately after it’s come off the tong, don’t unwind it from as you ordinarily would, but keep it wrapped up. Using a long toothed clip, pin the hair in this ‘sausage roll’ position and gently ease the tongs out from the tight ringlet. Once you’ve gone through the entire head in this way, and every curl is absolutely cool, remove the clips.



Gently work your curls into the desired position with your fingers and then spray the entire head with a medium hold hair spray. This should help to keep the twists in place.

That concludes my list of 8 steps to beautiful curls: ensure yours go the distance by prepping your locks thoroughly with the right products, using good quality styling tools, and keeping your ringlets pinned up until they have completely cooled. Do you have any fab suggestions to add?

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