9 Salon Secrets for Beautiful Hair ...


9 Salon Secrets for Beautiful Hair ...
9 Salon Secrets for Beautiful Hair ...

With so much emphasis placed on clothing and accessories, hair fashions sometimes get left scattered on the floor of the beauty salon. Your hair is one of the first things noticed about you, so why not keep up to date and trendy with your hairstyle while you are updating this years fashion trends? Here is a list of this summers hottest hairstyles with 9 salon secrets for beautiful hair. These styles and tips never go out of fashion…

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1940’s Style

Have you modeled the 1940’s long, wavy curls? Not to curly, but firm waves look the most attractive. Be sure and keep your part off to the side, keep length below the shoulders, and keep your make up style classic for the best vintage appeal. This trend will follow you all through summer, fall and winter this year.


1970’s Style

If you lived during the 70’s you may or may not appreciate the fashion come back of that era. But truthfully, the hairstyle from that time should appeal to many ladies who enjoy a casual, laid back hairstyle. Seen during the spring fashion shows, this one works well with longer hair, parts down the middle, and someone who glories in thick, full tresses. This trend will run its course by the end of summer.


Slick Back Pixie

Spring has brought us the slicked back hairstyle, which works really well for shorter styled hair. Use plenty of gel, style with your fingers, and slick it straight back, with no part. If you must have a part, please part is as far on the side as possible and only wear your hair this way if your hair is super short. This style is best for the younger age group.


Elegant Chignon

An elegant chignon never goes out of style! For a nice day look, pin up a few rough pieces of hair and avoid the hair sprayed glue look. Textured, messy looks are in. You can add natural color beads for an elaborate, sophisticated appearance and go from your day look to the evening fashion in a matter of minutes.


Shine without Oily Look

Shine serum can make your hair look oily. To prevent this, distribute a silicone based serum from mid hair to the ends. Twist hair around a curling iron. The heat causes the serum to distribute more evenly.


Camoflauge Spilt Ends

Extremely straight hair makes split ends look more obvious. In order to hide them, use a flatiron and flip the very ends of your hair in various directions. This will also break up harsh lines and add a little more movement to your hair.


Tame Scraggly Hair

The top of your hair sometimes can take the blunt of wear and tear without anyone noticing. In order to tame the blame, use a tiny curling iron to smooth out the scragglies, making a finished, polished look.


No Frizzies in the Drying Process

Long, thick hair may take a long time to dry. To speed up the process, use a diffuser turned on the cool setting. It may sound strange, but the cool air will dry your air without opening up the hair cuticles, thus preventing the frizzies.


Keep Hair Naturally Springy

Leave in conditioner is absolutely the best way to prevent your hair from falling flat. Use it on the ends of your hair all the way to about an inch from the roots.

While your hair may not always look salon perfect, I hope these tips revealed some hidden tips for salon secrets for beautiful hair. Have your tried any of them yet?

Top Photo Credit: David Michael Fine Portraits

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