7 Best Hairsprays That I Love ...

Best Hairspray can be hard to find, especially if you aren't an avid user of hairspray. Recently, I have accepted my curly hair (it's been hard, but worth it) and I have went on a rapid buying trip to find the best hairspray to keep my curls in check. That inspired me to make a list of the best hairspray brands that I have used so that you won't have to waste your money (like I did) on a hairspray that doesn't keep your curls in check or that expensive do up!

1. Fructis Style Volumizing anti-Humidity Hairspray

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Price: $3.33 at walmart.com
I am a huge, huge fan of volume. If I am going to have curly hair, I want it to be big and I want it to have a lot of volume. That is what lead me to this little gem! Not only does it protect my curls from humidity but it's actually a great hairspray for anyone looking for a little volume and lift in their hair!

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