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8 of My Favorite Hairstyling Products ...

By Jelena

You wouldn’t believe what happened to me last weekend concerning some of my favorite hairstyling products! I had to leave town for a few days, my fiancé and I had this celebration we had to attend. Anyways, I got to the hotel, started unpacking and realized that I’ve managed to forget every single hairstyling product I had! Seriously! I had only a shampoo and a conditioner! That’s when I realized the importance of these things. Actually, blowing big money on a hairstylist is what made me realize that but never mind… You live and learn, I guess. Now, I definitely wish I’ve made this list sooner but, hey, better late than never. So, here is a list of my favorite hairstyling products that I love and can’t imagine my styling session without:

Table of contents:

  1. Tigi bed head control freak shampoo
  2. Tigi bed head headrush shine adrenaline
  3. L’oreal studio line texturizer
  4. Catwalk by tigi curls rock amplifier
  5. Pureology by pureology hot iron protection
  6. Aveda by aveda volumizing tonic
  7. Chi by chi helmet head extra firm spritz
  8. Tigi bead head creative genius sculpting liquid

1 Tigi Bed Head Control Freak Shampoo

Price:** $14.99 at
Many of my favorite hairstyling products from from Bed Head, and I absolutely love everything from Tigi’s Control Freak line! Now, if your hair frizzes too, you know how important it is to start the styling process by washing with a good shampoo. Some shampoos soften the hair too much, making it impossible to straighten and easy to frizz. This one, on the other hand, does completely the opposite, so you’ll not only manage to do your hair like a pro but spend less time doing so.

2 Tigi Bed Head Headrush Shine Adrenaline

Price:** $13.61 at
This product will remain in my nice memories as I used to use it a lot when I was a blonde. Definitely a cool thing if your hair doesn’t have that cool, natural, healthy shine. Wait, strike that! This product is a must have even if your hair is shiny! Why? Simple grammar, ladies. Shiny is good, but SHINIER is better.

3 L’Oreal Studio Line Texturizer

Price:** $4.99 at
When you see a texturizer, you probably think only people that like crazy hairstyles can benefit from them. Well, I’ll dare to disagree because I’m not a fan of crazy hair either and I do find these products quite usable. You see, if you want to make that tousled, Farah Fawcett, hairstyle, a texturizer is pretty much everything you need to make sure your hair doesn’t get all messed up after an hour or so. It’s a real piece of cake actually – all you have to do is apply this product and those gorgeous locks will look great even the next morning!

4 CATWALK by Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier

Price:** $14.85 at
Another wonderful product from Tigi and one of my favorite hairstyling products, especially for summ. I like straight hair but, come on, I’m not crazy to spend an entire morning straightening something that’s going to get soaked in salty water somewhere around noon and become eligible for washing first thing in the evening. So, yes, curly is the ideal summer hairstyle and this product is everything I need to turn my natural waves into full, shiny glam curls.

5 Pureology by Pureology Hot Iron Protection

Price:** $21.09 at
Heat damages hair, we all know what. But, did you know you must use a heat protector even if you don’t use a flat iron but a hair dryer instead? Now, I don’t know if you have tried this one, but in case you haven’t, definitely do so. I use L’oreal Hot Liss for everyday and this one on special occasions because it’s not exactly cheap (especially here) and I’m just not ready to give up the silky smooth effect it has on my hair.

6 Aveda by Aveda Volumizing Tonic

Price:** $15.00 at
Volume is good – Frizz is bad. The longer my hair gets, the more it frizzes and becomes puffy in all the wrong places. So I use this in addition to anti-frizz products because it allows me to straighten my hair without looking like Morticia Addams.

7 Chi by Chi Helmet Head Extra Firm Spritz

Price:** $14.00 at
I know, I know – “helmet head” hairstyle is something you’d probably expect to see on an old lady. But, believe me, there are times when you really need something that has an “extra hold” label on it. All those glam buns and elaborate hairstyles don’t just happen by themselves and they definitely won’t last the entire evening without this product. That's why this is one of my favorite hairstyling products!

8 Tigi Bead Head Creative Genius Sculpting Liquid

Price:** $8.74 at
Now, I don’t really know how to describe this thing because it’s not a gel and it’s not a wax either. What I must say, though, is that it works magic for any type of curls! If you want them to be really stiff, segment your hair and apply this product before you use the curling iron. I, personally, prefer using this after the curling iron because the curls look more natural that way.

Whoa, making this list made me realize I do use a lot of hairstyling products… Strange… I’ve always thought I don’t buy a lot of those. But, tell me, do you use any of these things -- if so, how much money do you spend on your hair and products that make styling it much easier? I've shared some of my favorite hairstyling products with you, so share some of yours with me!

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