7 Things That Prevent Normal Hair Growth ...


7 Things That Prevent Normal Hair Growth ...
7 Things That Prevent Normal Hair Growth ...

Hair Growth is a very fragile metabolic process most of us don’t even bother to think about until it’s too late. You see, there are numbers of factors that can slow down hair growth these days and, although most of us would like to believe all hair problems are a result of bad genetics and external influences, the truth is that a lot of crucial decisions and habits that, among other things influence and the hair growth, ultimately rest on us. So, if you’ve ever wondered what are the most common mistakes, habits or even events that can halt normal hair growth, take a look at this list:

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Chemical Treatments

Harsh, prolonged, frequent chemical hair treatments such as bleaching, relaxing or permanently curling hair (perming) won’t only reduce the quality of your hair making it lifeless, damaged and very prone to breakage but it can seriously slow down hair growth as well. But, that’s not the worst info you’ll get today. You see, some medical researches have even successfully managed to link these treatments with the growing occurrence of male balding pattern in women!


Physical and Emotional Trauma and Stress

Emotional and physical traumas as well as high levels of stress can and probably will take a toll on your hair and although there is really no way to foresee and prevent all the traumatic moments in your life, you could at least try to take on a different approach and reduce the list of things you tend to stress about every day to a unavoidable minimum. This type of hair loss occurs when, due to stress or trauma, almost all hair follicles enter the so-called resting phase in the same moment and although it may result in a very speedy hair loss, the good news is that the effects are reversible.


When your body undergoes intense stress, it may prompt a condition known as telogen effluvium, where numerous hairs prematurely enter the telogen phase, a time when strands are released and fall out. Even though your locks might thin significantly, stress-related shedding often improves once the stressor is removed. Incorporating stress-management techniques like mindfulness, yoga, or deep-breathing exercises can be incredibly beneficial. It's also worthwhile to establish a nurturing routine that allows for adequate relaxation and sleep, fostering an environment where your hair can start to regrow and regain its strength.


Nutrient Deficiency

Poor diet, unbalanced diet as well as eating disorders are just some of many things that can mess with steady hair growth. Our bodies need protein, vitamins, minerals – it needs all kinds of nutrients to keep working properly and sustain healthy, undisturbed hair growth. If you’re not eating enough or not eating the right food, you will start to notice that your hair isn’t as good as it once was and doesn’t grow as fast as it did – that is your body telling you that it doesn’t have enough fuel.


Some Medications

Sad but true- even some medications used to treat diabetes, heart conditions, blood pressure or high cholesterol can be responsible for thinning hair. It’s one of the side effects you can’t really affect although you might want to consult your doctor to inquire about alternative medications and/or supplements that could reverse the process.


Hormonal Changes

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy or menopause as well as thyroid problems and even contraceptive pills, steroids and hormone replacement procedures can cause a temporary or in some cases permanent hair loss too.


Sleep Deprivation

My dad often says that if people are meant to be nocturnal creatures they would be given infra red eyes and - guess what? He is right! The rule that says that a healthy good night’s rest must last 7-8 hours isn’t made to make you lose a significant part of your life but to help your body rest, relax and regenerate. Yup, body regenerates while you sleep – your skin repairs itself, your eyes rest, your brain rests and your hair grows so sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders may lead to slow hair growth among many other things such as dull skin, brittle nails, inability to concentrate and weakened memory.


Bad Habits

Your coffee drinking habit as well as smoking addiction are two things you should most definitely blame for your unsatisfactory hair growth. And although coffee might even do your body good if taken in very small doses, nicotine actually hardens blood vessels limiting the circulation of blood and causing healthy hair follicles to die.

So the next time you catch yourself considering a new miraculous hair growth medication, procedure or a supplement, think hard about all those completely free ways to ensure optimal hair growth by trying to modify your lifestyle just a little bit. Well, I hope you found a lot of useful information here and if you know any other things that can mess with normal hair growth, do feel free to share them.

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Having an eating disorder doesn't mean your hair will stop growing. I'm anorexic and it's never affected the health or length of my hair...poor nutrition can affect people differently...

I have the really thick hair genetic :)

Hair growth is determined by your genetics-and even if people have problems with drinking too much coffee, etc...It doesn't necessarily stunt the growth of every person's hair-I agree that plenty of sleep and eating a balanced diet help with hair growth, but you think drinking coffee stunts hair growth-really? I drink coffee all the time-those frappuccions from Starbucks are my favorite-I guess I must have very good genes because my hair is super long, and healthy, and past my hips-and currently growing longer......maybe coffee has a different effect for others, but I have never heard of drinking coffee being the cause of a person's hair not growing

Btw our brains never rest. Not even when we're asleep. Our brains are WHATS telling our skin and our body to rejuvenate...

There is no nicotine in coffee tho..

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