7 Things That Prevent Normal Hair Growth ...


Hair Growth is a very fragile metabolic process most of us don’t even bother to think about until it’s too late. You see, there are numbers of factors that can slow down hair growth these days and, although most of us would like to believe all hair problems are a result of bad genetics and external influences, the truth is that a lot of crucial decisions and habits that, among other things influence and the hair growth, ultimately rest on us. So, if you’ve ever wondered what are the most common mistakes, habits or even events that can halt normal hair growth, take a look at this list:

1. Chemical Treatments

Harsh, prolonged, frequent chemical hair treatments such as bleaching, relaxing or permanently curling hair (perming) won’t only reduce the quality of your hair making it lifeless, damaged and very prone to breakage but it can seriously slow down hair growth as well. But, that’s not the worst info you’ll get today. You see, some medical researches have even successfully managed to link these treatments with the growing occurrence of male balding pattern in women!

Physical and Emotional Trauma and Stress
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