7 Signs of Healthy Hair ...


7 Signs of Healthy Hair ...
7 Signs of Healthy Hair ...

We're women, so we all want beautiful, sexy hair. We want it to be touch-ably soft and silky, the perfect picture of health. But how does ones know whether their hair is truly healthy or not? I've researched and found 7 signs of healthy hair I think you're find helpful!

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It's Shiny

If your hair is shiny and full of luster, that's a sign you've got healthy hair. Hair shine is a product of a smooth hair shaft. Brittle, damaged hair shafts are rough and look more like tree bark than hair. That is, under a microscope, of course!


It's Smooth

Another byproduct of having smooth, undamaged hair shafts is that, of course, your hair is smooth. This is where the term "silky" comes in when referring to hair. Is your hair soft and silky? Yes? Well, it's healthy!


It's Elastic

Healthy hair is elastic in texture. If you have healthy hair, it should stretch, much like a rubber band would. In order to maintain this, you must stay clear of brushes while your hair is wet, and preferably, keep too much heat away too.


You Lose Hair

In all truth, it's actually a good thing when you shed hair, though too much isn't a good thing in this case. A person with a healthy head of hair loses approximately 50 to 100 hairs a day. If you're losing more than that, you should look into stress or other medical conditions that could cause it.


It Easily Detangles

If you need to use detangler products, you probably don't have healthy hair. Because the hair shafts are smooth when healthy, they more easily detangle on their own, without the help of a detangler.


Loves Moisture

When it rains, your healthy hair will love it, and won't frizz up in the moisture. Unhealthy, damaged hair will frizz up at the slightest hint of moisture in the air. This is because your hair "swells" or pumps up when damp, which causes the unhealthy, damaged cuticles to stick out even more.


You Have a Healthy Scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Healthy heads of hair have no problem with dandruff. Too much oil in your hair will cause your hair to look dull and lifeless, or even dandruff. If this is your problem, try washing your hair more often.

I love my hair, but unfortunately, not all of these describe my hair. If you're lucky enough to have all these characteristics, congrats! You have healthy hair! Take care of it!

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