7 Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Haircut ...


7 Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Haircut ...
7 Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Haircut ...

How to Choose Haircut styles isn't exactly ingrained. You aren't born knowing what will suit you best, and you can always rely on your stylist to know how to choose haircut styles that will look good on you. But no matter, that's why I'm here! To teach you how to choose haircut shapes, styles, and choices that flatter and complement your looks! And don't worry, I promise to be completely honest!

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Know What You Want

Know What You Want In order to know how to choose haircut styles that are flattering and suitable, you first have to know what you want. Then, you have to be willing to change your mind if your stylist is really, really serious when she tells you it won't work. Certain styles won't always work, and that's okay – look for the next closest thing.



Experiment If you think you want short hair but don't know how it will look, or if you want to see how you'd look with a fringe, you just experiment. Pull your hair back in a bun to examine the shape of your face. Pull some hair over your forehead to see if bangs will suit you. If you want to let your hair grow, heck, tug on a wig!


Know What Works for Your Face

Know What Works for Your Face You have to know what kind of facial shape you have in order to learn how to choose haircut styles that work. Is it round, oval, square, heart shaped? Once you know, figure out what cuts and styles are supposed to look best for your face, and then make them work for you.


Think about Your Lifestyle

Think about Your Lifestyle It's great to have a really cute cut that flips up at the ends, or something that requires a blow out each day … but is that reasonable? You have to think about your lifestyle whenever you choose a cut. If you don't have the time or the inclination to put effort into styling your hair, then choose another style quick.


What's the Weather

What's the Weather As a matter of fact, the weather is an important consideration too. If you live in a humid climate, curls may not be your best option. If it's windy, you don't want to put a lot of work into something that's going to get blown all over the place.


Befriend Your Stylist

Befriend Your Stylist The best piece of advice on how to choose haircut styles that work for you is to make your hairstylist your buddy. Love him or her, trust him or her, and get close. Have a real relationship, because then your stylist will never do you wrong!


Be Open but Realistic

Be Open but Realistic Finally, you have to be open to new styles – but you also have to be realistic. Just because you get Emma Watson's haircut doesn't mean you'll look like her – but the cut can still look gorgeous on you! So always be willing to try something new!

Learning how to choose haircut looks that really suit you can be hard, I know. Sometimes it comes down to trial and error. Sometimes, you just have to experiment with a new style because you love the way it looks. Just because you have a bad cut now and then doesn't mean you don't know how to choose haircut styles that are appropriate for you, it just means you're daring. What other tips do you have on how to choose haircut styles and looks that flatter you?

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