7 Universal Tips on How to Style Long Hair ...


7 Universal Tips on How to Style Long Hair ...
7 Universal Tips on How to Style Long Hair ...

How to Style Long Hair can be hard if you have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Us short-haired girls just brush it out, straighten it down or leave it curly and we are good. Long hair is a little different, but rest assured ladies, I got your back! There are tons of ways on how to style long hair and if you keep reading, I'll give them all up to you! So toss out your typical style and try some of these tips and tricks on how to style long hair!

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Traditional Pony

Traditional Pony I feel like most girls that have long hair do just this – throw it up in a ponytail and leave it there. You can actually spice up this style with a cool hair tie or even by pulling it into a messy yet cool looking bun. If you do want to keep the ponytail style, why not aim it higher on your head? This is one how to style long hair tip that will make you look chic and stylish – easily!



Wavy Even if you have naturally straight hair, you can make it a little wavy by curling it and brushing out the curls. Adding in waves will actually allow for you to add body to your hair too. Learning how to style long hair isn't hard, you just gotta have the time and right tools – a curling iron in this case!


Curls Galore

Curls Galore Speaking of curls, you could not brush out the curls and instead leave your hair brilliantly curly. Personally, I love curly long hair but I do understand that it takes a really long time to do. If you have the time to curl your hair up – do it ladies, it looks beautiful!


Braided & Beautiful

Braided & Beautiful Let's say that you just want something easy but don't want to go with a ponytail. What do you do? Braid it! This is definitely one of the first how to style long hair tips that every girl with long hair should know about. Also – braids if you leave them in all night will your hair super curly when you get up!


Straight & Classy

Straight & Classy Let's say that you want your hair free of frizz and straight as a pin – break out the straightener! Although long hair can take a while to straighten, I promise it's worth it. One tip – don't forget the heat protector so your hair doesn't fry.


Loose & Tousled

Loose & Tousled This is a super popular style with Jessica Biel – she loves the half up, half down look that is pretty flawless. All you have to do is pull half of your hair up in a loose bun at the back of your head, add in some body-building mousse (not too much though) and you'll see some beautiful and soft waves. It's quick, easy and the perfect look for date night or the office!


Simple Bun

Simple Bun I love when hair is pulled into a loose or tight bun – that's the beauty of buns, you have a choice! If you are just looking to get your hair outta your face when you are going to the gym, a messy bun is sweet and cute. A tight bun is great for the office and a great way to show off your facial features. Which do you like?

Learning how to style long hair can be hard in the beginning ladies, when I had long hair, I never knew what to do with it! I know that these tips and tricks on how to style long hair will work for each and every occasion – from weddings to the office! What tips do you have when you are styling your own hair?

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