7 Universal Tips on How to Style Long Hair ...

How to Style Long Hair can be hard if you have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Us short-haired girls just brush it out, straighten it down or leave it curly and we are good. Long hair is a little different, but rest assured ladies, I got your back! There are tons of ways on how to style long hair and if you keep reading, I'll give them all up to you! So toss out your typical style and try some of these tips and tricks on how to style long hair!

1. Traditional Pony

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I feel like most girls that have long hair do just this – throw it up in a ponytail and leave it there. You can actually spice up this style with a cool hair tie or even by pulling it into a messy yet cool looking bun. If you do want to keep the ponytail style, why not aim it higher on your head? This is one how to style long hair tip that will make you look chic and stylish – easily!

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