7 Ways to Deal with Dark Roots ...


7 Ways to Deal with Dark Roots ...
7 Ways to Deal with Dark Roots ...

If you have artificially lightened hair then dark regrowth is going to be a constantly appearing problem. For most of us, touch ups at the salon every couple of weeks is just too expensive an option to contemplate, and as a result, keeping your locks in in shape can become a little tricky. Unless you’re keen to wear a hat until you have a chance to remedy the issue, read on; I’ve put together a handy list of 7 ways to deal with dark roots.

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Zig Zag Your Parting

If your re-growth is beginning to get a little out of hand, part your hair in a zig zag instead of straight down the centre or side of your scalp. The uneven, wavering line helps to break up the change of colour from dark to light so that your roots appear to blend smoothly into the length of your hair.


A Wide Headband

While there are one of two tricks of the trade which will allow you to disguise your roots without covering them up, these ‘miracle’ solutions have their limitations. Sometimes your best bet is simply to conceal the problem. A wide, pretty headband in a colour and fabric that complements the rest of your outfit is an ideal solution.


Go Tousled

Big curls and bedhead do’s help to minimise the appearance of roots. What you want, ideally, is to be able to break up the harsh line created by hair colour changing from light to dark, and rumpled styles invariably achieve this better than sleeker looks.


… Give Your Straighteners a Holiday

Because roots appear less obvious in hair that has a little body and movement to it, you’ll absolutely want to give your straighteners a short holiday until you get a chance to go for a touch up. Instead of silky smooth, poker straight tresses, go for an unstructured romantic style; think tumbling waves and luxurious curls.


Powder Make up

You can but a variety of hair powders and make-ups that will coat the strands of darker hair at the roots in order to give them a lighter, brighter appearance and to soften that dreaded re-growth line. However, beware: these are by no means perfect solutions: hair makeup won’t work on serious re-growth and, unless it’s applied with great care and attention, you do run the risk of developing an unnaturally powdery, matte finish.


Hair Mascara

Again hair mascara is not an ideal solution to your problem: it isn’t permanent and it will make your hair feel stiff and gluey to the touch. However, if you’re just looking for a quick fix for your unsightly darker roots, hair mascara in a blonde to match your own will do the trick temporarily.


Colour Rinse

If you’re keen for a change of scenery in the mirror, you might consider taking an unorthodox approach to your dark roots and washing your blonde locks with a darker colour. Go for semi permanent light brown to begin with. This will eliminate all traces of uneven colour, and will give you a new look into the bargain.

Unfortunately, dark roots are a constant problem if you lighten your hair, and they can really ruin an otherwise gorgeous cut and colour. This list of 7 ways to deal with dark roots should help you at least to temporarily disguise the problem; do you have any ideas or tips of your own to contribute?

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