8 Steps to Beautiful Bed Head Hair ...

For guys, getting the bed head look right is really easy. Instructions? Got to bed, wake up, leave the house. For us, on the other hand, things a re a little more complex. That sexy, grungy, ‘I don’t care’ look can go horribly wrong. To help you ladies out, I’ve put together a list of 8 steps to beautiful bed head hair.

1. Fake It

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While for boys, the bed head look is about being authentically scruffy, most girls can’t get away with unwashed, shaggy hair. For us, this rumpled style requires excellent fakery so don’t be tempted to just skip the shampoo for a week: sorry girls, it just won’t work.

2. Wash Right

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While your hair should be clean, you do want to use a shampoo that isn’t going to strip it of its natural moisture. Pick something gentle and nourishing and follow it up with a hydrating conditioner. While you’ll definitely need to shampoo with a clarifying wash about once a week to get rid of build up, you’ll find these more intense products give you more manageability.

3. Game Plan

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From the get go, decide what kind of tousled look you’re going for. If you want loose, tangled curls, you’ll need one set of products, while longer, grunge-style natural waves will require another. If your hair is very straight, tighter curls are actually a better bet – waves are more likely to drop back into their original style.

4. Appliances

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A good ceramic styling iron is a real investment, girls, and can be used to create a whole variety of styles. The better ones, unfortunately, don’t come cheap but nothing beats these for quick, effective style. Go for something versatile that can do both curls and give you the poker straight look.

5. Silicone Enriched Heat Protector

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There are a variety of products out there that fit this description, ladies, and the more reputable ones are usually better. The silicone will help to combat the effects of humidity and will close down the hair’s cuticle to ensure maximum shine.

6. Hot Air

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Direct the heat from your blow drier onto the roots of your hair to ensure these lie smoothly, then tip your head upside down and dry like this for volume. If you’re looking for an even bouncier effect, spritz with a volumiser before you start.

7. Get Styling

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For curls, spray all over with a saltwater salon spray and wrap hair in a spiral around your styling iron. The same product will ensure you have beautiful waves; simply kink your styler up down smallish sections of your hair. For a funky, straight do, smooth out your natural waves with the straighteners.

8. Texturise!

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This is really where your bedhead get going. Using your fingers, work a texturising balm through your hair. Rumple and tousle your locks until they look right, then sprits with a very light holding spray. Done.

This is my list of 8 steps to beautiful bedhead hair; these are the appliance and products I’ve found most useful. What are your thoughts, ladies? Anything to add?

Top Photo Credit: Shandi-lee

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