7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Static Free ...


7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Static Free ...
7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Static Free ...

Hair Static is one of a few very strong reasons for which I hate cold weather and if hair static is giving you troubles as well, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean! So, are there any solutions that actually work well? Absolutely! And you’ll be surprised to know that you might already have everything you’ll need to get rid of hair static! So, here are a few tips to help you deal with this typical winter weather problem right now:

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Condition, Condition, Condition

Dry air equals dry hair and we all know that when the hair dries out, hair static always follows! The solution is, of course, constant and intensive hair care so, in case you’ve never used hot oil treatments before, now would be a good time to start. Stock up on hair masks, serums and replenishing treatments and your hair won’t only look better and feel softer but frizz and static less.


Use Water Based Styling Products

When it comes to winter hair care, more is definitely the right amount! However, you must also be very careful with the products you use. Sure, styling products will help you get your hairstyle to look amazing, but in order to keep the hair looking great even when it’s clean and free of any products, you’ll need something that doesn’t leave any static-boosting residue. And water based products are not only lighter, but easier to wash off as well and they will not cause your hair to get all electrified.


Hairspray is Your Friend

Modern hairsprays don’t contain enough alcohol to seriously dry the hair out which means you should feel free to use them in order to fight hair static. Apply the hairspray on your brush, then brush your hair and you’ll have a perfectly natural, non-helmet-like hairstyle that won’t try to fight gravity whenever you try to wrap a scarf around your neck.


Use anti-Static Spray

Problems with static are not hairstyling problems only! In fact, I’m sure you’ve already discovered anti-static spray and use on your favorite clothes all the time. But, did you know that very same spray could help tame your hair as well? Yup, just spray some on your brush and run the brush through your hair as explained above!


Stock up on Fabric Softener Sheets

Speaking about product that can be used in multiple ways – Did you know you can use fabric softener sheets to get rid of hair static? Yup, it’s really simple and really easy – all you have to do is pack a few sheets in your purse and run a sheet down your hair when you notice it’s getting all “staticky” and all over the place.


Use Wooden Combs

Wooden combs or brushes with natural hair bristles are also a great way to keep hair static under control because, unlike the plastic ones that add electricity to hair, natural materials don’t add any positive charge. Sure, they cost a bit more but, hey, it’s a small price to pay to get rid of one unsightly, unpleasant thing hated by girls all around the globe.


Keep Your Mind Open for New Tech Breakthroughs

Hairdryers and flat irons used to be items we ought to avoid if we wanted shiny, healthy, static-free hair, however, things are much different nowadays. Yes, you still need a heat protector and you still need to condition well, but you can also rely on modern technology to help you get rid of that unwanted static.

You see? Hair static is not something you have to live with! So, tell me – Are there any tips on dealing with hair static that I haven’t mentioned? Something brilliant not a lot of people know about, maybe? Come on, let’s hear it – I know you have a few tricks up your sleeve too!

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This is kinda like frizz, am I right? Cuz' if it is, I am SOOO familiar with it. :/

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