7 Ways to Remedy a Dry Scalp ...


7 Ways to Remedy a Dry Scalp ...
7 Ways to Remedy a Dry Scalp ...

Few things ruin a perfectly groomed fall of hair like a dry, flaking scalp. Dandruff is unsightly, uncomfortable and often fairly difficult to get rid of. It can be the result of a variety of factors – you might have it because your shampoo is a bad fit for your skin type, or because of an allergy, for example. Luckily, however, if you take the right steps, you can treat and cure the condition fairly effectively. To help you with this, I’ve done a little research and compiled this list of 7 ways to remedy a dry scalp.

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A Medicated Shampoo

The easiest and most obvious way to deal with dandruff is simply to shampoo your locks with a specially designed, medicated shampoo. There are myriad variations available on the market, and some are tailored to suit certain varieties of hair and to manage concurrent issues like oiliness and colour care as well.


Wash Thoroughly

Dandruff can be caused by a build of shampoo residue on your scalp. In order to ensure that this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse your hair after you’ve washed it: even a hint of soapiness can lead to dryness and slaking.



In the same way that shampoo residue can contribute to your dry scalp, build-up from other styling products can participate in accelerating the condition as well. Take care not to overload your locks with gels and mousses, and if you do use a lot of styling aids, that you wash these out of your hair and off your scalp completely at the end of the day.


Brush Regularly

Brushing your hair on a regular basis helps to improve circulation to your scalp and this can, in turn, combat dryness. Using a boar’s-bristle brush (synthetic variations tend to be a little harsh), work through your locks thoroughly at least once a day.


Consider Your Diet

If your diet includes an excess of fats and sugars, you may find that you’ll see the ramifications of this manifesting on your scalp. Try to bring down your consumption of saturated fats, and to introduce more fruit, vegetables and lean proteins into your eating schedule.


Gauge the Temperature

Washing your locks in very hot water can strip your hair of essential, natural oils and nutrients and this in turn will result in a dry, flaking scalp. Make sure you keep the water in your shower warm but never boiling: in time, this should help to bring your dandruff under control.


Don’t Ignore

If your dandruff persists even after you have taken steps to manage it, don’t simply ignore the condition. Your flaking scalp could be a sign of a complex fungal infection, or, more serious still, it might indicate a variety of skin conditions; if you are at all worried, take yourself to the doctor and have the issue checked out.

A flaking scalp can be a real pain, and can completely ruin your otherwise gorgeous locks. Instead of putting on a hat and simply hoping the issue will rectify itself, you should take steps to cure the condition. This list of 7 ways to remedy a dry scalp should help you to restore yours to its natural, healthy condition: do you have any tips or tricks of your own to contribute?

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