How to Get Blonde Hair 7 Ways to Fight Yellow Tones ...


How to Get Blonde Hair 7 Ways to Fight Yellow Tones ...
How to Get Blonde Hair 7 Ways to Fight Yellow Tones ...

How To Get Blonde Hair without those brassy or yellowish tones all blondes hate so much? Well, that, my ladies, isn’t a simple process at all but, hey, if you’ve came this far, I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that having gorgeous blonde hair requires a lot of work. Now, as you already know, I’ve been a platinum blonde myself so I have a lot of tips on how to get blonde hair. And I’m going to share them with you today so all of you ladies who are still wondering how to get blonde hair could find your answers right here and right now!

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Purple Shampoo

Now, just to make things clear, I’ve never actually used this myself but, since I’ve heard it’s great for removing yellowish tones, I decided to include it in my list anyways. Many girls all around the world say that they have this shampoo to thank for their gorgeous hair color and I even have a friend who orders it from abroad because that’s the only thing that works for her. So give it a shot, it can’t hurt!



Purplish or bluish toners are great for removing brassy or yellow tones! Now, I don’t know if you’ve used these before, but if you haven’t now would be the perfect time to give them a shot! I've used both toners that look like a dye and water-based toners and I must admit they were a life-saver. So, how to get blonde hair with these? Well, if you want to avoid being completely blue or purple I’d advise you to mix a little bit of toner with the dye you’d normally use. This way you’ll have the dye lightening your hair while the toner will neutralize unwanted yellow tones. You can also get a water-based (liquid) toner/tint you'll either mix with your conditioner or spray on your hair after the wash which won't only give your hair an ashy hue but condition it and help you style it.


Touch Ups

Going to the salon for touch ups is quite costly which is exactly the reason for which I’ve started to do my touch ups at home the moment I figured out the ingredients of that mysterious paste all the hairdressers I’ve been to were so careful to keep a secret! And I’m going to write down the “recipe” I used right here so you could touch up your hair like a pro without having to spend a lot of money in the process! So, here it is:
- 2 Table Spoons Hydrogen Peroxide
- 1/3 Tube Very Light Platinum Blonde (The lightest “cool” shade you can find)

- 1 Teaspoon Purplish Ash Blonde or Toner (If you’re going to use toner dye squeeze out only a little bit -1/2cm)

Preparation & Application:
Mix all the ingredients except water in a bowl to get a thick paste then dilute this paste adding water. Keep adding water until you get the mixture that’s sufficient to cover your entire hair. Apply like you would apply regular hair dye or, in case you’re not used to working with runny mixtures, flip your hair down and massage the mixture into it. Let it sit on your hair for 20 minutes then rinse off. Toner or ashy dye is optional so, in case you only want to restore that silvery blonde shine, you can make the mixture without adding these.


Lightening Hair Care Products

Still wondering how to get blonde hair? Well, you might be using the wrong hair care products! As I’ve mentioned before, a perfect blonde shade is something you have to work on all the time. So, invest in a salon quality set (shampoo and conditioner) for blondes and use them instead of your regular hair care products. These products do cost a bit more but they have lightening agents that will help remove brassy or yellowish tones while keeping your hair properly conditioned.


DIY Solutions

I have more tips on how to get blonde hair and this one right here works like a charm and doesn’t cost a thing! So mix one quarter of a cup of baking soda with just a little bit of 3% hydrogen peroxide and apply this paste on you soaking wet but unwashed hair. Give this homemade lightening mixture 15 minutes to work its magic then rinse it off completely and massage white vinegar in your hair and do not rinse it off. I personally find this treatment a bit “smelly” so I would do it only if I know that I’ll be spending the next few days at home.



If your natural hair is rich in red pigment you will have to bleach it in order to maintain the blonde shade you’ve worked so hard to achieve. I know a lot of dark-haired women are wondering how to get blonde hair without bleaching, but let me tell you something ladies – I really doubt that’s possible. Call it bleach or call it a lightener – it pretty much does the same thing! There are ways to minimize hair damage, though, and I would advise you to a) use professional products b) never let them stay on your hair longer than needed and c) once you reach your desired shade bleach roots only.


Right Hair Color

Are you using the right dye? Now, I know it sounds like a silly question but you have to agree that your efforts to neutralize yellow or brassy tones can pay off only if you’re using the right dye. So, if you want to make your blonde locks a shade or two lighter, do choose icy, cool, silvery dyes and, in order to “kill” yellowish tones as you lighten, add a second, ashy or bluish dye to the mixture. Ashy toners or dyes can neutralize pale yellowish tones and enhance the silver shine but you shouldn't use them to cover up brassy tones as that can make your hair look green. Bluish shades, in the other hand, do a very good job in dimming brassy shine and it takes about a wash or two to completely rinse off excess tint and get a nice blonde shade.

And now, my ladies, you know exactly how to get blonde hair that has that silver shine and not a trace of yellowish glow! But, tell me, do you have any tips on how to get blonde hair? And is there anything I’ve forgotten to mention on my list of tips on how to get blonde hair?

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this is a great way to get breakage. stick to the salon.

be careful with purple shampoo. if you overuse it, it will start to turn your hair a blueish/white shade. only use it a few times a week, not everyday.

I have gone platinum many times and I have darker hair with red tones you CANNOT get it light without lightener. After I lighten it I will use a toner with usually 20 Volume peroxide but if I don't need it toned to much you mix it half and half with conditioner. You can also mix the lightener/or bleach 50/50 with conditioner to brighten up all of your hair without putting it full on everything thus ruining your hair further. I also have used JUST the toner on my roots to lighten them in between lifting the roots all the way up to platinum. It works amazingly if you have dark hair :)

There is a product called sun-in I use it every time I blow dry my hair or layout, it gradually lightens you hair and doesn't damage it like bleaching would, only thing is it has peroxide so can make your hair have an orange/gold tone, I just use a purple shampoo 1-2 times a week and that fixes it!

cool!!! <3

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