7 Tips to Truly Make Your Hair Color Last ...


7 Tips to Truly Make Your Hair Color Last ...
7 Tips to Truly Make Your Hair Color Last ...

Make Hair Color Last tips are hard to come by – 'til now. Over the years of dyeing, coloring, lightening, and darkening, I've made it my quest to learn how to make hair color last longer – even when it's red, which isn't really known for its ability to stick around. I want a loyal hair color, ready to go the distance – like a good relationship. But your hair color is kind of like a boyfriend, you have to do a little give and take to make it stay with you. Do you want to truly make hair color last longer? Then check out these phenomenal tips!

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Do Shampoo

Hair dye instructions always say that it's best to dye dirty hair – and that's true, but some consumers take it to extremes. To really make hair color last longer, you should wash your hair a day or a day and a half before you plan to wash it – and THEN don't shampoo it again. See what I did there? That way, you're getting rid of any product buildup that could impede your color, but by leaving it alone after that, your hair will be able to take advantage of its own natural oils, which makes the color stick better.


Conditioning to Make Hair Color Last

Conditioning is super important too, especially in the week before you color your hair. Three days beforehand, do a deep conditioning. That way, it will have lots of extra moisture. The thing is, once you've done this, don't condition it again before you color. Don't! Bad!


Don't Go Crazy

While you might want to go from black to blond or blond to dark brown or something, that is not a good way to make hair color last. When you make extreme changes, the dye-job is going to be way more noticeable. Worse, when your roots start to show, you're going to have to spend a lot of time touching up and re-dyeing. Try to go for a more natural color, even if you have to work your way up.


Stay Away from the Sun

The sun can damage your hair just as easily as it can your skin. When you spend a lot of time in the sun, for instance, it not only dries out your hair, but it also causes your color to fade. If you have to be in the sun, though, you can look for the many hair products that have sunscreen built right in.


Be Careful of Chlorine

If you want to make hair color last as long as you can, then get out of the pool! Unless you take precautions with a bathing cap or something, that is going to seriously mess up your hair. Chlorine stripes color and makes it fade fast, so watch out for that. You may also want to watch out for salt shampoos, because that once stripped the red right out of the Better Half's hair.


Use Cool Water to Make Hair Color Last

When you shampoo and condition, it's best to use colder water anyway. Hot water causes breakage, and cold water just makes your hair feel better, did you ever notice? Especially when you've just colored your hair, however, cool water is best. Start with a lukewarm temperature, then work your way down.


Get the Right Products

The right products are always necessary to make hair color last. Don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune on the salon's products. Rather, just take a look at the store, read up on certain brands, and get shampoos, conditioners, gels, and so on, that work best on color treated hair.

To make hair color last longer, you have to be determined, patient, and really willing to take care of your tresses. Given its druthers, your hair color will fade faster than a bad date with no money at an expensive restaurant. Your stylist will give you a lot of guff about how, in order to make hair color last as long as possible, you need to come in and get it retouched, but that's not necessary at all! No, rather, if you follow these awesome tips, you can make hair color last as long as you want it. What's the longest lasting hair color you've ever had?

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