8 Tips for Being Nice to Your Hair ...


8 Tips for Being Nice to Your Hair ...
8 Tips for Being Nice to Your Hair ...

I once went through a three month phase where it seemed like every day was a bad hair day, because I simply wasn’t taking good care of my hair. Your hair can pay you back when you aren’t nice to it, and its revenge can result in disaster. The good news is that it’s actually really easy to treat your hair well, so that you’ll always have a lovely, glorious head of it. To start out, here are some great tips for being nice to your hair than can banish bad hair days for good.

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Be Careful with Shampoo and Conditioner

The first and most important tip for being nice to your hair revolves around how you wash it. Like I’ve said before, most hair care professionals advise you not to wash your hair every single day. When you do wash and condition it, however, it’s important to have shampoo and conditioner that benefits your hair type. If you’ve got oily hair, you probably don’t need a hydrating shampoo, for example, and if you dye your hair, look for choices good for color treated hair.


Watch the Heat

It’s very important that you don’t fry your hair. It’s incredibly easy, especially if you frequently blow dry, curl, or straighten your hair. I’ll get to the right way to go about that in a minute, but first I want to mention the importance of using the right products. As I think I’ve also said before, the Better Half has (gorgeous) curly hair, hates it, and typically straightens it (also gorgeous), so I understand that some people really don’t want to give up using these tools. That’s no problem, because you can still be nice to your hair by using protective products if you frequently use any of these tools.


Pick the Right Products

As a matter of fact, many tips for being nice to your hair involve using the right products. Whether you’re using hairspray, gel, wax, or hair masks, you have to pick the right kind of product for your hair. If your hair has a tendency to get frizzy, use products that moisturize well. If your hair is fine, there are products that can make your hair look thicker. If your hair is flat, look for something that adds volume.


Use the Best Brush

You also need to be careful about what kind of brush you use. I never even realized this. I mean, I know you should chuck your brush if it has too many broken bristles, because they can damage your hair. Different brushes are good for different things as well. For instance, you can use a cushioned brush even if your hair is wet, while a natural bristled brush will help keep your hair straight and smooth if it’s curly. Round brushes are good for adding volume; the ceramic ones work well on fine hair.


Know when (Not) to Comb

There are also proper times to use a comb or a pick. Combs are tricky, because they’re much finer than most brushes. The teeth are close together, which is sure to detangle even the worst knot, but can in certain circumstances be damaging to your hair. Aside of cushioned brushes, you actually shouldn’t brush wet hair. Ideally you should comb instead, but the teeth should be widely spaced. It also helps if you start at the ends of your hair and work your way up.


Sleep on Silk

Another great tip for being nice to your hair involves pampering it. Whether you use a silk pillow case or sleep with your hair wrapped in a silk scarf, you’re being very kind to your tresses. Silk – or satin – can help prevent split ends. These fabrics decrease the amount of damaging friction that can be harmful to your hair.


Don’t Dye Too Much

I admit it, I do color my hair. Lots of people do, but although dyes have come a long way, you can still damage your hair if you aren’t careful. Know which colors last longest so you aren’t frequently dealing with faded color and visible roots. Red doesn’t last long at all, because the pigment is rather short lived. To avoid recoloring your hair too frequently, if you want to be a redhead, try choosing a shade in the spectrum that’s closer to chestnut or another kind of brownish red. The addition of the brunette colors may help.


Avoid over-Styling

There are many ways to over-style your hair. You may use too much heat, by way of blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons, while not providing your hair with adequate protection. You may tease it too much, use harmful accessories (like abrasive elastics), or use too much product. Try to keep it as simple as you possibly can, and always choose products that will protect your hair and complement its type.

It’s important to care for your hair. You want it to be nice to you when you get older. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment, just try to follow these tips for being nice to your hair. Do you have a secret hair care tip to share?

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