8 Basic Hair Maintenance Musts ...


8 Basic Hair Maintenance Musts ...
8 Basic Hair Maintenance Musts ...

We all want gorgeous, shiny locks, like the kind you see recreated with CGI on shampoo adverts all the time. While, unfortunately, animated hair doesn’t exist in the real world, you can keep yours in the best possible shape by following just a few simple care guidelines. Like so many things in life, there are no quick fixes for healthy hairs; getting your tresses looking fab is about constant upkeep and intelligent product choices. To help you get on the right track, I’ve compiled this list of 8 basic hair maintenance musts.

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Identify Your Problems

Before you can get on with the business of perfecting your hair, you need to understand exactly where your weaknesses lie. Does your hair tend to be dry or oily, for example? Or do you suffer from an irritating combination of the two issues? Next time you are at the salon, ask your hair dresser to help you to determine what kind of difficulties you are dealing with; from here you can get on with your maintenance musts, and take steps to target and eliminate your hair troubles.


Choose Carefully

Experts recommend that you choose your shampoos and conditioners wisely, and that you base your decision on your hair type. Make sure that the product you buy has been designed especially for locks like yours: if you have curly hair, go for a shampoo made for curls, for example. Don’t buy one made for straight hair in an attempt to de-frizz: unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.



Every week or so, it is a good idea to give your locks a little intensive TLC. Buy yourself a good quality hair mask and use it to work on dryness, oiliness, the side-effects of colouring or whatever particular problem you may be experiencing. In conjunction with a good basic washing and conditioning routine, this should go some of the way towards getting your locks the nutrients they need.



It is a good idea to visit the hairdresser at least every couple of months for a trim. Split ends can weaken the overall structure of the hair, and a few snips here and there -- a maintenance must -- will quickly and easily eliminate them.


Dry Carefully

Generally speaking, it is safer and better for your hair if you avoid regularly drying it with a hairdryer. If you can, towel your tresses to remove excess moisture and then allow the rest of the water to be evaporated naturally. Unfortunately, however, this is not always a practical strategy. If you find yourself constrained by time, or if you’re styling your hair, try to put the blow drier on a cool-ish setting. This, at least, will minimise heat damage.


Wash Right

Many of us are in the habit of washing our tresses every twenty four hours. For most people, experts tell us, this is neither necessary nor particularly good for the hair. Instead of routinely cleansing every day, we should only wash when our hair is actually dirty. This way, we don’t strip our locks of their natural moisturisers.


Comb Carefully

Brushing and combing can cause a lot of damage, especially when your hair is wet. In order to avoid unnecessary breakage, spritz your locks with a light detangling spray (if they’re still damp) and begin brushing at the ends.


Eat Well

If you want gorgeous hair that shines with health, you definitely want to make sure that you’re getting your nutrition right. In particular, you will want to make sure you are getting enough omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and B vitamins. Find a good supplement that includes all three of these, and try to nibble on things like nuts, soy, lean meat and eggs.

There are so many products out there promising to give you glossy, healthy-looking locks, but none of these will be of any use to you unless you first organise the basics. A good simple care strategy that includes great washing techniques, trimming, treatment and a good diet will get you well on the way to having the tresses of your dreams. That concludes my list of 8 basic hair maintenance musts: do you have any suggestions of your own to add to it?

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