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Bad Hair Day is a girl’s worst nightmare, not because we’re so vain but because a bad hair day rarely happens when we’re planning to stay in and will most likely occur on the day we have, for some reason, labeled “very important”. First school day, first date, a job interview or, even worst, your own birthday – there’s only so much of bad hair days girl can endure before taking the matters into her own hands. And, speaking about taking matters into your own hands, here are a couple of tips to help you do that:

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Unruly Curls

Curly haired girls know that going to bed with a gorgeous hairstyle doesn’t have to mean you’re going to wake up with it! Yes, I’m talking about frizz, squished spots… you name it - It’s like a lottery! Luckily, what started like a bad hair day doesn’t have to end like one and you’ll need about 30 minutes to get your curls to look the way you want them to. First of all, check your hair to determine which parts still look good and which need immediate intervention. Comb the frizzy, poorly defined or squished parts to remove tangles, then run wet hands through them a few times to get them to be damp but not dripping wet. Add your favorite curl enhancing serum or leave in conditioner and let your curls dry while you’re dressing up and putting your make-up on. Once your hair is completely dry (and that won’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes) all you’ll need to do in order to give it shine and defeat any remaining frizz is a bit of silicone based serum.


Oily Hair

Ooops! You meant to wake up early to wash and style your hair but you fell asleep? And you’re fresh out of dry shampoo and baby powder! No worries – even a critical situation such as this one can be fixed. Crimping your hair is always a good way to mask it’s oily appearance and create XXL volume! And do I even have to note that wild, crimped hair happens to be super-stylish this season? Now, in case your hair is too long, too thick or there’s simply no way to make this hairstyle work for you in the given moment, you’ll be glad to know that oily, unwashed hair makes a perfect base for one of the most popular runway looks – crimped ponytail. Secure your hair in a tight, perfectly polished low ponytail, then crimp the ponytail to give it XXL volume.


Dark Roots

Not finding enough time to touch up your roots is a common reason for bad hair days and the only thing that’s standing between you and a flawless look despite this little problem is the ability to accessorize like a pro! So start by combing the hair away from your face, creating a small pouf and securing it with two bobby pins at your crown. From there on you have two equally awesome choices, depending on the length of your hair. If your hair is medium length or shorter, just take a chic scarf, fold it and tie it as a headband. Now, if your hair is super long, you can do something even better – take a big section of hair right above the nape of your neck, braid it and then bring the braid forward and wrap around your head, making sure it covers the critical spots at your hairline. The braid should be long enough to go a full circle, allowing you to pin its end to its beginning.


Dye-Job Gone Horribly Wrong

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent your hairstyle budget on a new dress thinking “Oh, well, I’ll just do it myself”! Well, as budget-friendly at home dye jobs are, they often backfire leaving you with hair you simply don’t want to show around. Luckily, there are ways to deal with a bad hair day caused by the wrong choice of hair color! Traditional turbans are extremely popular, super-stylish this season and they will work like a charm.... at least until you manage to book your time and get that clown color all fixed. Wrap and fold your favorite scarf to cover your entire hair, let the bottom section show or experiment with a couple of stylish modifications such as the one J.Lo rocked in her video with that gorgeous Cavalli snake-print dress.


Horribly Split or over-Processed Ends

Split or over-processed ends cannot be cured- I’m sure you’re well aware of that fact. Now, I know some girls have a serious problem with saying good-bye to their hair and will only do so once the problem becomes really serious. Unfortunately, the realization that your ends are too damaged to allow a perfectly glam hairstyle to be made might hit you hard only a few hours before the big event, and leave you wondering what to do. Well, the answer is pretty simple – opt for a chic, perfectly polished bun, a hairstyle that looks best with the ends tucked in!


Flat, Volume-Less Hair

Is your flat, lifeless hair the reason behind a year full of bad hair days? Well, it’s time to turn things around and get it to look bouncy, voluminous and very much alive! Now, in case this is a well known problem for you, I’d suggest opting for a light shampoo and conditioner to prevent excess weight and get your hair to look bouncy every day. If, in the other hand, this isn’t a standard issue, but more of an occasional problem, here’s my favorite quick fix for times when you need extra volume- Tease the hair at your crown by taking individual small sections and teasing the roots only. Fix by applying some hairspray to the roots then flip your head down, give it a shake and add hairspray here and there, just to make that wild, voluminous effect you’ll get once you lift your head up permanent. Brush the ends only, smooth out the teased section, add more hairspray to the base of the hair if needed and style using your fingers.


Hair That Refuses to Hold Its Shape

Straightening your frizzy wavy or curly hair would be a nice change… if only you could make it stay straight! And we all know nothing says “**bad hair day**” better than sleek, straight hairstyle that’s starting to fall apart, frizz and swell in the first hour. Well, I do have the solution and it doesn’t require any special products! Simply have your blow dryer plugged in and close by while you're straightening and use its cool setting along with a paddle brush to cool off and seal each section you’ve flat ironed. Once you’re done styling your hair simply use a light-hold hairspray to coat the critical areas or spray it onto your brush, then run the brush through your hair.

So, are you ready to give your bad hair a day off? And are there some other anti bad-hair day strategies you’d want to share?

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I have a medium length hair and it's a bit curly and my problem is that it gets reaally puffy sometimes, any ideas ?!?!

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