8 Unbelievably Atrocious Hair Tips You Should Say No to ...


8 Unbelievably Atrocious Hair Tips You Should Say No to ...
8 Unbelievably Atrocious Hair Tips You Should Say No to ...

Hair Tips always come in handy, especially when they tell you what you shouldn't do. We’ve all heard some of the timeless hair tips and live by them daily. For some of us, it is very likely that these hair tips are exactly the reason our hair is living up to its full potential. However, some of the most standard tips are actually outdated and incorrect. I have put together a list of 8 hair tips not to follow to get you back on track to good hair.

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Apply before You Dry

If you are applying hair products to wet hair, you are diluting your product and its effectiveness. This is one of the most time-tested hair tips, but do you see the problem with it? For better results, blow dry your hair until it is damp, then add your product. You will use less product and it will work much better.


Condition after Shampooing

For most people, this hair tip is okay, but there are some exceptions. Those with thick or dry hair need as much moisture as possible and should continue to use conditioner after shampooing. However, if you have fine hair, try to condition beforehand. Let the conditioner soak into the hair for at least 5 minutes and then wash it out. Washing out the conditioner makes sure no residue is left behind to weigh down fine hair.


100 Strokes a Day

Hair tips like this one are just wrong. We all remember watching Marcia Brady counting as she stroked her beautiful golden tresses. The truth is over brushing, and yes 100 strokes is over brushing, causes damages and breaks to your hair. It can also over stimulate oil glands, leaving your hair looking greasy.


Hair Color Damages Hair

We’ve all been given hair tips about the damages of coloring hair. “It’s going to fall out, if you keep changing your color,” or “Oh, I can’t believe you do all that damage to your hair.” Luckily experts are saying that coloring products, both at home and at the salon, are filled with conditioning agents to protect your hair during the coloring process.


Only Thick Hair Needs Deep Conditioning

Now why do we want to believe tips that deprive others from the benefits of deep conditioning? People with fine hair need just as much conditioning as everyone else. Without proper conditioning, fine hair is more likely to break, leaving it even thinner.


Switch up Shampoo

Some hair tips suggest we constantly switch shampoos so our hair doesn’t get use the same thing. It is easy to believe this tip is true because often times we see our hair appear to stop responding to a new shampoo after a couple of weeks. However it is more likely that the shampoo itself is the problem. For best results find a shampoo, and conditioner for that matter, that is free of sulfate and silicone. Both tend to coat the hair, causing it to dry out.


Trim Every Six Weeks

Some tips want to take all our money. A good cut should last up to three months, not six weeks. If you are fighting with your hair after just a few weeks, it’s time to talk to your stylist. Let her know you need to start coming in less frequently between cuts and want a style that will last three months.


Blow Dry from the Back

We’ve all been taught to start blow drying from the back of our hair. The problem with this hair tip is, no one sees the hair at the nape of you neck. They see the hair on the top of your head and around your face. For best results you need to dry and style the hair in front first before it has the chance to dry and frizz on its own.

As you can see, there are lots of hair tips that really don't withstand the test of time. Go ahead and break these age old hair tips and let me know if you are seeing an improvement in your hair. If there is any other advice that needs to be added to my 8 hair tips not to follow let me know.

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If you color your own hair, remember: don't run it thru to the ends till about the last 5 to 10 minutes of the timing to refresh the color. Over coloring the shaft and ends can cause a build up of color and over dry out the hair, causing it to become very damaged and brittle and very dull. You ever see women with brown hair at the roots and black ends….yeah! I’m a Hairdresser and how I hate fixing home done color jobs gone wrong. This is just one tip I can offer…hope it helps!

Got static? Quick fix, run a dryer sheet over hair or static guard on hair and brushes/combs. Permanent, fix conditioning treatments.

Really helped me :D Especially with the dying because I LOVE dying my hair but i get scared to because of what people say about it damaging your hair.

Thanks for the tips! The only one that doesn't work for me is #7. I have a short, layered cut and I definitely can't make it go past 5-7 weeks. It's a good cut, but short haircuts just need more maintenance. Choose accordingly.

Every hair color DAMAGES hair permanently. Period.

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