8 Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Color ...

By Jelena

8 Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Color ...

How To Choose A Hair Color that looks natural, yet let’s you try out different looks? How to choose a hair color that’s not even close to your natural hair color and yet matches your complexion perfectly? And most importantly – How to choose a hair color that won’t make you think “Gosh, what was I thinking?” whenever you look at yourself in the mirror? Well, the answers are right here and they are just a mouse click away!

1 Choose Hair Colors According to Your Skin Tone

Wondering how to choose a hair color that works best for your skin tone? Well, here’s one tip that’s going to make it much easier. Now, I’m sure each of you already knows her skin tone well enough to determine whether it falls under the “warm” or “cold” category which certainly is something you’ll need to pay attention to when choosing the best hair color. If you’re blessed with warm, yellowish-brownish-goldenish undertones, you’ll want to keep your hair color warm as well to avoid looking tired or, even worse, corpse-like. If you’re, in the other hand, proud of your cool, pale or olive complexion, you’ll want to accent it by opting for colors that are shiny, ashy and free of all red or gold undertones.

2 Pick Two or Three Complimentary Shades

Natural hair is never completely brown, black, red or blonde and, in case you’ve managed to avoid hair dyes long enough to really see your natural color, you’ll notice it has a lot of completely natural highlights, lowlights and undertones. So, if you want to change your hair color dramatically but keep that natural appearance, you’ll need to choose more than one color.

3 Give Balayage a Shot

Balayage is an interesting “not so new and yet not so widely used” technique that just might turn out to be the answer to your prayers! In fact, if you’re still wondering how to choose a hair color that’s edgy, low maintenance and oh-so-perfect, definitely give it a shot! In order to make your hairstyle attention worthy, the hairdresser will mix a few colors, then apply them to your hair using uneven, sweeping motions thus allowing you to both keep your natural hair color and rock a few more shades that- surprise, surprise- don’t need to be retouched every 20 days or a month.

4 Easy Isn’t Always the Best

I had a friend asking me how to choose a hair color recently and I told her exactly what I’m about to say to you now – if you want something amazing, much lighter or darker than what you currently have, you’re not going to find it packed in a box. Sure, lighter colors can turn out great because the dye washes away slowly leaving the hair multihued but, if you take black or very dark brown, for example, you simply can’t avoid the “wig effect”. So, if you’re planning to try some DIY dying, take my advice and get two very similar shades to use together instead.

5 Blondes Rock

“You have to be very pale to be able to pull of ANY blonde shade” Okaaaay, now there’s one popular misconception I want to talk about because I’m sure you’ll agree that’s simply not true! Platinum blonde definitely looks best on people with cold skin tones, I’ll give you that, but there are like dozens of other beautiful blonde shades you can rock in case this particular one doesn’t suit you. “Cold” ladies can rock Nordic blonde, ash blonde, baby blonde, ice blonde and many more cool blonde hues while “Warm” darlings can choose between dark honey blonde, strawberry blonde, wheat or golden blonde and pretty much any blonde hue that has a yellowish, goldenish or reddish undertone.

6 Undertones Can Be Tricky

Undertone is something most girls would love to change about their hair and something that, as you’ve probably experiences yourself, can be rather tricky to do at home. Red undertones can even turn green when treated with ashy shades and I bet that’s not something you’d want to have on your head. Believe me… I had the misfortune to end up with a greenish shade a few times during my 5 year long blonde episode and it was not pretty. The moral of the story is that any tampering with mother nature has to be done or either supervised by a professional who knows these things and can guarantee that the color in question will really neutralize your undertone without producing weird, unnatural shades that scream “DIY paint job gone bad”.

7 Consider Bronde

Can’t decide between blonde and brown? Why don’t you try something in between instead? Increasingly popular style called “bronde” is a perfect mix of these two very different colors and it might get you to a point where you never have to wonder how to choose a hair color again!

8 Reds Are Hot

Now, who told you that you can’t paint your hair red? Well, believe me, you can and, if you’ve been dreaming about being a redhead, you should definitely do so. Now, I’m going to be discussing skin tone again but only because it plays a very important role in the choice of the shade that will look best on you. So, again, let’s start with you “cool” ladies because I know red might be the trickiest color for you. And, what you want to do is turn to cooler shades that won’t turn orange over time – lipstick red and burgundy for example! As for you, “warm” ladies, the choice is much easier because your natural color does have plenty of gold, yellow and orange undertones – go for copper or even auburn but avoid bluish shades such as violet.

Got any more tips on how to choose a hair color? Well, I’m all ears then! Tell me, which one of these tips on how to choose a hair color has helped you get your gorgeous Hollywood hair?

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I am extremely white but am not albino. I also have very blonde hair, like platinum blonde and someone suggested i should dye my hari. I dont even know what i would do. Help?

I want red hair but I have blue eyes and I'm afraid it will clash. Do you have any tips?

i have blue eyes i dyed my hair red and my mother in law said oh you got colored contacts this time !!! it turned my blue eyes a vivid blue!!!!!!! now how to keep this red from fading :)

I'm really pale but I want to dye my hair bright red, would that work? People - who don't know shit about hair dye, but they think they do - are telling me it would look awful because I'm pale, is that true? I said that you just had to find the right shade that'll match your undertones, but they still said it would look horrible..

I have cool skin tones and my color is a red tone my natural highlights are all a orange red so some cool skin tones can definately look good in red shades. plus if you have blue/green eye the blue tones will definately be intensified.

Hi I have dirty blonde hair color and was thinking about dying it red like nice and easy shade 110 Yet, I don't know how to tell if I am a warm or cool undertone. Help, I don't want to mess up.

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