9 Amazing Hair Facts You Should Know ...


9 Amazing Hair Facts You Should Know ...
9 Amazing Hair Facts You Should Know ...

Hair Facts are always an interesting, cool way to learn something new about your hair and I have quite a bit of those hair facts ready for you today! So, hope you’re in the mood to learn and hope you like surprises because these hair facts right here are anything but ordinary:

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Blondes Have More Hair

It might not always appear so, but our natural blondes actually have more hair on their heads or, in case you prefer to deal with numbers, 120,000 – 140,000 of hairs! Brunettes fit the average number of 100,000-100,000 hairs while the third place belongs to redheads who, comparing to blondes fall very far behind with only 80,000 to 90,000 of hairs!


Hair Falls off Every Day

Speaking about cool hair facts, here’s one that you might even find useful! An average Joe (or Jane) loses from 50 to 100 hairs each day and, although Joe, due to his short cut, might not even notice it, Jane (who, let’s say, had her hair picked up in a ponytail) might get very worried once she lets that pony down. So, don’t worry Jane – it’s totally and completely normal!


Hair Grows Faster in Summer

Good news for all of you ladies living in places with mild, warm climate – you won’t have to wait too long to grow your hair to the desired length because hair actually grows faster in nice weather!


Hair is Longer when It is Wet

Well, if you’ve ever wondered why is it so hard to cut your own bangs, this next on my list of super interesting hair facts ought to help you a lot! Our hair actually stretches when it’s wet and, in this state, it can appear to be up to 30% longer than it actually is.


Nothing You do to Your Hair Will Make It Thicker

Scientists say the thickness of our hair fibers is programmed in our genes, which means there isn’t a single product that could help us force our hair to go against the nature. Not the most comforting hair fact for sure but, hey, it’s good to know!


Hair Fiber is Very Strong

Just as strong as an iron string – healthy hair needs to stretch 70% in order to break which, again for all of you who prefer numbers, translates to about 60 kilos of force. Not bad for something that fragile, huh? Well, keep reading because I have a lot more awesome hair facts to share!


One’s Hair Color Used to Be a Huge Issue in the past

Well, let me put it this way – you probably wouldn’t want to be a fat red hair guy living in the middle age because you’d most likely be killed so your fat could be used for brewing poisons! But this goes even further and, although in some cultures red hair used to be a huge honor, in others even seeing the redheaded person on the street was a sign of poor luck! Now, how crazy is that?


Shape of the Hair Follicle Determines Hair Shape

Ever wondered what makes the hair to curl or which factor determines how shiny it will be? Well, you’re on the right place because the next on my list of hair facts will provide all the answers you need! The mystery lies in the shape of the hair follicle which can be flat, oval or round. Flat hair follicle produces ribbon-like hair which, due to its shape tends to coil tightly or even frizz. The cuticles that cover and protect hair shaft are raised which means this type of hair reflects very little light. Oval hair follicle produces wavy hair which reflects more light due to the fact that cuticles of this type of hair lay almost completely flat while round follicles produce completely straight hair that shines the most.


Male Hair is Thicker than Female Hair

Oh guys, hope you’re in the mood for some hair facts because this one is for you! And scientists have even figured out that your hair is not only thicker but actually grows faster than our!

Ah, you just got to love these hair facts! But, are there any totally awesome hair facts I’ve forgotten to mention here or maybe even some hair facts that, although not as shocking, could prove to be rather useful?

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