10 Ways to Use Hairspray ...


Ways To Use Hairspray that don't include keeping your hairstyle in place are super cool-and there's many uses for hairspray you may not even know existed! Many of the ways to use hairspray may even surprise you! After reading this fun, info-packed article on the different ways to use hairspray, I bet you'll never look at a can of hairspray the same way again. So get busy reading and rush off to stock up on hairspray-it's apparently the handiest thing to have around!

1. Pet Hair Removal

We all love our sweet pups and adorable kitties but what we DON'T love is the hair they leave behind on our furniture and clothing. Next time you need to clean up pet hair, try this nifty way to use hairspray: Spray a tissue with aerosol hairspray and run it over the offending areas. Pet hair sticks right to the tissue and your problem is taken care of!

Art Sealant
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