10 Ways to Use Hairspray ...


10 Ways to Use Hairspray ...
10 Ways to Use Hairspray ...

Ways To Use Hairspray that don't include keeping your hairstyle in place are super cool-and there's many uses for hairspray you may not even know existed! Many of the ways to use hairspray may even surprise you! After reading this fun, info-packed article on the different ways to use hairspray, I bet you'll never look at a can of hairspray the same way again. So get busy reading and rush off to stock up on hairspray-it's apparently the handiest thing to have around!

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Pet Hair Removal

We all love our sweet pups and adorable kitties but what we DON'T love is the hair they leave behind on our furniture and clothing. Next time you need to clean up pet hair, try this nifty way to use hairspray: Spray a tissue with aerosol hairspray and run it over the offending areas. Pet hair sticks right to the tissue and your problem is taken care of!


Art Sealant

This is one of my favorite ways to use hairspray. I love art and drawing, but I often that my pencil, charcoal or crayon drawings can easily become smeared. Spraying a light coating of hairspray over my finished pieces prevents this from happening and preserves the life of my drawings! Try it next time you or your children bust out the pens and pencils.


Insect Repellant

This has to be one of the best ways to use hairspray! We all hate creepy crawlies in our home, but who wants toxic or poisonous insect repellants laying around for pets and children to get into? Next time a bee, fly, moth or any other sort of flying insect invades your home, shoot a steady stream of hairspray at the offender until its down. Hairspray is much less toxic and smells better than bug spray anyway!


Keep Static at Bay

Winter is fast approaching and if there's one thing about winter that I truly hate, it's static! However, I've found that one of the creatives ways to use hairspray is to ward off static! Spraying blouses, skirts, pantyhose, hats or coats with it will instantly stop static in it's tracks! I carry a small bottle with me for static-on-the-go as well. Just be cautious-if your clothing item is made of silk or another delicate fabric, the hairspray may cause a stain.



This has to be the most unconventional, yet one of the most practical ways to use hairspray. Not every one is an advocate of using or carrying mace, so get yourself a small bottle of hairspray. If attacked or threatened, you can spray it directly into your muggers face. It will sting their eyes, giving you the chance to run away or call for help. This is a great solution if you don't want to carry a gun or a knife but feel the need to have some form of self defense handy. It's also a good idea for teenage/adolescent girls or mothers of small children who don't want mace anywhere accessible.


Flame Thrower

Obviously, this tip should be used only by an adult or with adult supervision and with caution. If you find yourself in need of a flamethrower, use hairspray! Hairspray is flammable, so proceed with caution. Hold a lighter in front of the nozzle and flick it. Then shoot a steady stream of hairspray into the flame, pointing away from yourself and any objects nearby.


Needle Threader

One way to use hairspray that not many people are aware of is a needle threader! I like to sew occasionally, but I despise threading needles. One trick that has made my life so much easier is to spray the thread with a little hairspray before I start to thread the needle. This stiffens up the thread and aids me in getting it through that small hole!


Dry Shampoo

This is probably one of the oldest ways to use hairspray, but still worth mentioning! If you find yourself with greasy roots but no time to shampoo, grab your hairspray. You can massage it into the roots of your hair and tease a bit. The alcohol in the spray will soak up excess oil and give you a bit of volume. You will be ready to party on in no time!


Stop a Run

One of the biggest reasons I hate wearing pantyhose is because they seem to get runs so easily! I've found this tip to come in handy many times before. Spray some hairspray right onto the run and on the edges of it to stop it in its tracks! You'd be surprised by how effective this is. Also, a light misting of hairspray over your hose before slipping them on and after washing them will help to prevent runs altogether!


Get out Ink Stains

This is probably one of the oldest, yet most effective ways to use hairspray!

We've all had it happen...an ink pen popped or leaked onto your favorite blouse or inside your purse. All you need to do is spray some hairspray onto the area and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. Then use an old toothbrush to slowly work it out! This trick works on walls, countertops and other surfaces as well!

I hope these ideas have given you some great Ways To Use Hairspray! These tips have always worked great for me and I know they will for you too! What are your favorite ways to use hairspray? Please comment below and let us know!

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This is so helpful! Thanks for doing this post!

Let's not forget using hairspray to KILL spiders :)

ironing pleats! hairspray is awesome for pressing a sharp, crisp and strong crease.

another one not many people think of is after you apply your make up you should lightly spray your face it will keep your make up looking fresh all day :)

Although some of this is of merit, killing insects or any creature with hairspray or anything is just cruelty. And I know that this site is dedicated to 'women', but why is it assumed that women are the only people that need self defence?  Are these comments even legit? Everything seems so false here.

And why would you spray HAIRSPRAY on your face!?

what's the best hair spray ? :) in your opinion?

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