7 Tutorials on Making DIY Hair Accessories ...


DIY accessories are THE most budget-friendly, totally creative way to always rock some pretty awesome hair accessories! Oh, and don’t get me started on that silly rule that says that you can never find a matching bow or a headband when you really and desperately need one! Well, experiment with DIY accessories and all that is going to change! You can even use fabric that’s identical to the one your dress is made of or old jewelry to create matching, stunning and completely unique hairpieces whenever you need them! And here are some pretty cool videos on DIY accessories to help you get started:

1. DIY Princess Bow


This totally adorable bow might not be something big girls can wear but it’s going to make your favorite little princess very and I mean VERY happy! This super-cute princess bow looks waay better than a lot of store bought hair accessories, and considering the price of kiddy stuff these days, I’m sure it doesn’t cost as nearly as much! So stock up on various colorful ribbons and your girl could have a new DIY accessory whenever she wants!

Glitzy Bohemian Headband
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