10 Things You Can do with Bobby Pins ...


10 Things You Can do with Bobby Pins ...
10 Things You Can do with Bobby Pins ...

Bobby pins are a wonderful invention. In the world of hair accessories, they're probably my favorite tool, simply because they're so versatile. How versatile? Keep reading, you'll get an idea! These cunning little pins can be used in a number of ways, as you'll see in this super comprehensive list of things you can do with bobby pins!

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Make a Bun

Make a Bun Photo Credit: mika

Probably the most common thing you can do with bobby pins is make a bun. Depending on the intricacy of the bun you choose to make, it can take quite a lot of pins. However, you'll be left with a classic and elegant hairstyle that always looks timeless. Bobby pins can help you beautify a bun even if your hair's on the short side.


Puff up a Pouf

Puff up a Pouf Photo Credit: dead redhead

The girls of Jersey Shore turned the pouf into a phenomenon, and that kind of puts off a lot of women. Don't worry, though. You don't have to jack your hair up like Snooki. In fact, if you keep it low and subtle, this is a really cute look no matter how long or short your hair. And trust me, I know from personal experience that doing it with bobby pins beats using a Bump-It!


Keep Those Bangs Back

Keep Those Bangs Back Photo Credit: tangledupinglue

If you've got long bangs, side swept or straight across, or if you're trying to grow out your fringe and don't want it hanging in your face, bobby pins can be your best friend(s). With their help, having bangs doesn't mean you can only wear your hair a certain way. All you have to do is pin them back and you'll give yourself a whole new look!


Pull Back the Sides

Pull Back the Sides Photo Credit: Basia B.

One simple but pretty thing you can do with bobby pins is use them to pin back the sides of your hair. This style takes no time at all, and should only take one or two bobby pins per side. If you've got a pretty profile, a strong jawline, or a long, lovely neck, this is the perfect style to show off those assets!


Make a Messy Twist

Make a Messy Twist Photo Credit: machine_language

A French twist is a great updo, but it gets a little complicated. You can easily do a messy variation by just gathering your hair in a ponytail, giving it a twist, arranging it against the back of your head, and using your pins to hold it in place. You came make a beautiful little mess, with tendrils falling this way and that – it's one of my favorite things to do!


Pin It Willy-Nilly

Pin It Willy-Nilly Photo Credit: Mandii

This is actually a taste on #5. You don't have to form a twist of your hair to do this one. What I like to do is take a hank of hair, twist it so that some of the ends hang or stick up wildly, and pin it in the back. I do this all over, with bunches of hair in varying sizes, until most of it is pinned up; the rest just falls in pretty tendrils.


Tuck up a Ponytail

Tuck up a Ponytail Photo Credit: RockMyHeaven.₪ ø lll ·o.

You can be a little neater with the former two styles as well. You know how easy it is to take an elastic, thread a ponytail through it, and make a kind of messy bun? Yo can do the very same thing using bobby pins. Put your hair in a ponytail, and either pin it under uniformly, or twist a strand here, tuck some hair there, and make something intricate and original.


Beautify with Braids

Beautify with Braids Photo Credit: hailie

Another thing you can do with bobby pins is play with your braids. Whether you braid all your hair, make pigtails, or put in one or more thin braids, you can make them look incredibly interesting and pretty by pinning them here and there. For instance, you can make a thin braid in the front of your hair, at the crown, and tuck it back behind your ear.


Put up an Updo

Put up an Updo Photo Credit: IvyHuang711

Naturally, you can use bobby pins to create an updo – any updo! Bobby pins are so versatile and they hold your hair so well, you can easily create any kind of updo, or even make one of your own. I love to experiment with putting my hair up this way!


Slick It Back

Slick It Back Photo Credit: yusrablog.com

I have really thick hair, so although I like to slick it back, it's so heavy that it rarely stays. If you have the same problem, bobby pins can help you. A few well placed and cleverly hidden pins can help you slick your hair back into a chic, soignee look.

Clearly, there is a ton of different things you can do with bobby pins. They're more handy that I myself ever imagined. Whether they're plain or embellished, they make great tools for a number of different things. How do you like to use your bobby pins?

Top Photo Credit: thekraftroom

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