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With summer finally dawning, almost everyone is thinking about getting their bodies ready for the beach, and that's great. I'm working hard to get swimsuit ready myself. However, another important aspect of the coming season is having fantastic hair. I change hairstyles like I change underwear, to be perfectly honest (and quite frank!), and when summer comes, my favorite thing is to do something new with my hair. If you're looking to experiment too, then check out some of these sassy summer hairstyles and find your favorite!

1. Pretty Pixie Cuts

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If you want to keep cool in the heat, then the pixie cut is a must-have sassy summer hairstyle. I adore a cute pixie, and if you have sharp cheekbones, a pretty pointed chin, an angular jawline, a long neck, or all of the above, then you can definitely pull it off. Even if you don't think you can but want to try it, go for it! It will likely look adorable, and hey – hair grows back!

2. Sizzling Spikes

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Even the girls are going a little punk this summer. Spiked bangs or spikes in back are surprisingly in right now. This is mainly due to the fact that so many 1980s hairstyles are coming back – spikes, big wings, and things like that. Hey, I'm all for it … as long as they don't bring back the mullet, too.

3. Awesome Asymmetrical 'Dos

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Asymmetrical cuts are totally in right now, and there are dozens of ways to do them. Basically, you can take any hairstyle you can think of and make it asymmetrical. Before trying this look, though, have a talk with your stylist – just so you know what you're in for, and can be relatively sure you'll like the final results.

4. Bright, Bold Highlights

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This sassy summer hairstyle isn't about the cut, it's about the color. Highlights are crazy popular at the moment, and the bolder they are, the better. You don't have to stick to boring blond. You can get really wild with cherry reds, hot pinks, or white, white blonds. Basically, take your favorite color and go wild with it; through June, July, and August, you'll totally be able to get away with it!

5. Lots of Lovely Layers

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Layers are making a big jump into popularity as well. Specifically, layers with textures that are both casual and cool are being seen all over the place. This is a great sassy summer hairstyle, in part because you don't have to style it, you can just run your fingers through it and go. This look is easy to tousle, which can save a lot of time – yet you'll still look fabulous!

6. Funky Fringe

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Whether you call it a fringe or still go with bangs, this look is super hot this summer. Again, there is no set way to wear this, so you can choose your favorite variation, or simply go with something that suits your facial structure. Wispy, thick, side swept, long, or short, you can really have a lot of fun with this look!

7. Beautiful Bobs

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I really don't think bobs are ever going to go out of style. They're definitely still in for the summer months. Now, the style is very graphic and sharp. This is one of the looks where a little asymmetry works wonders, but you can also keep everything one length and still look incredibly chic.

There are so many sassy summer hairstyles to choose from that I myself don't even know where to begin! I love the idea of bright highlights, and I wonder if I wouldn't like something short and cool as well. What kind of new, funky 'do would you like to try this summer?

Top Photo Credit: kasia.kazmierska

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