7 Updated Bob Cuts That Are Hot Right Now ...


7 Updated Bob Cuts That Are Hot Right Now ...
7 Updated Bob Cuts That Are Hot Right Now ...

Summer is the perfect time for a bob cut, but the traditional bob cut has long made its fashion exit. Selecting a bob that is right takes careful consideration as to the shape of your face, texture of your hair and the style you desire. Another important step is finding a stylist that can handle the cut, and do a good job allowing you to leave the salon with a smile instead of regret. Here are 7 updated bob cuts that are more fun than ever and give you the cool summer cut you desire.

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Pixie Cut

This sweet little number is far from Neverland. It is fun, sassy, and easy to maintain. You can style and go in a matter of minutes and be so glad you decided to take the plunge when you find yourself waiting on friends agonizing over hairstyles in the bathroom.


Stacked Bob

This sweet bob is long in the front and stacked in the back. It shows off the base of your neckline while giving you some length around your face. This style is easy to fix, and will get you out the door in a hurry.


Short Bob

This short bob offers you a little length all the way around and frames the face out with these lovely bangs. You can still pull your hair back from your face when needed and maintain the cool cut you desire.


A Line Bob Cut

This sweet cut gives you an A Line cut that will be fun to wear anytime. You can keep some length in the front and still have a short cut in the back. This is the most popular bob as it allows you to keep some length.


Short Concave Bob

This bob will give you height and volume and speak numbers about your spunky personality. It will be easy to fix and fun to wear. Do not be afraid to do something sassy with your hair.


Shaggy Bob

This cut is fun and offers you a messy style with length in the front and back. You can maintain some bangs and toss and go with your hair. Nothing could be easier.


Choppy Layered Bob

This bob is short with layers all around. It is easy to maintain and will be a compliment to the round face. This is the easiest bob to grow out, as there are even layers and no drastic gasps in length.

If you are considering a new bob cut, the sky is the limit for style. These 7 updated bob cuts are hot right now, but there are dozens of others you can choose as well! Know what you want before you walk in and be sure your stylist is comfortable cutting your hair before you begin. Do not be afraid to ask questions and be specific about what you want. Your hair is one of the biggest attention getters on your body, and a great haircut is the compliment to your body. Which one of these bob cuts is your favorite?

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how many of these are just short cuts and not bobs? I will argue

sick stuff man

Ugh! Lemme guess, none of these AMAZING cuts will never work out for naturally wavy/curly hair, will it? :-( Well, could you guys make a post on bobs for naturally wavy/curly hair? I have wavy hair and unlike most people that LOVE long hair, I adore shorter cuts. So, I'd like to see a post on that, thanks!

I have naturally poofy curly hair and can do just about anything with my hair. The trick is learning to style your hair. With practice any hairstyle can be done and without wasting a lot of precious time. If time is valuable to you alsoconsider doing your hair the night before and touching it up in the morning.

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