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If you're thinking of cutting your hair, it's useful to try out some ways to work out if short hair will suit you. Once you've cut your hair, it's too late to change your mind! A shorter cut is in many ways more practical, and can look stunning, especially when everyone else is wearing extensions. Here are some ways to work out if short hair will suit you …

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Faux Bob

One of the ways to work out if short hair will suit you is to put it in a faux bob. It's a popular style for celebs who want to fake short hair without going for the chop. Even if you're not planning to actually have a bob, trying the faux bob will show you if a shorter length works for you. Simply put your hair in a very low ponytail or pin it under.


Virtual Hair Style Apps

There are lots of virtual hairstyle apps that you can use to try out how different styles might look on you. You'll need to upload a face shot of yourself with your hair scraped back. It's likely that some of the styles will look horrendous on you (at least that's what I've found!), but it's a very useful way to eliminate styles that definitely will not work.



As with the faux bob, try playing around with hairpins to see how a shorter style might look on you. Rather than pinning it at one length, try to get different lengths. This won't be exact, but if you'd like a more choppy style can give you some idea of how it might look.


Short Wigs

Wigs are a great way of testing out a short style - there are lots of modern styles around now. Apps might show you how you'd look, but not how you'd feel; having short hair isn't just about the look. If you aren't sure how you'd feel about having short hair, try wearing a fun wig on a night out.



Having short hair is as much about your lifestyle as your looks. Short hair is usually very quick to wash and style, so is perfect if you like to get ready quickly. But it does require a lot of maintenance at the hairdresser; you'll need to get it cut around every four weeks. If you don't want to go to the salon that frequently, you'd do better to keep your hair a bit longer.



You should also consider your height and build when you're thinking of having a short cut. Your hair should be in proportion with your body. Very petite women can look great with a short cut, whereas a tall woman may look out of proportion.


Hair Type

Finally, consider your hair type. Short hair can be a disaster if you have curly hair, but in the hands of a skilled stylist even curly hair can work with a short cut. But if you have fine hair it will probably work very well with a short cut, as it will add body to your hair (length drags fine hair down).

If you do cut your hair and aren't happy with the result, give yourself some time to get used to it before you decide it doesn't work. If you're used to long hair it's quite a shock to have it short. But if you really don't like it, don't worry - it will soon grow! Who do you think looks amazing with short hair?

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I hate to say this but body type, a very large woman cannot pull off short hair nearly as well as a smaller woman can. I mean, it's doing yourself an injustice to make your head look tiny compared to your body. Big body + big hair = sexy. And if you are obese and look good with short hair then think of ow much better you'd look if you were smaller? :O

F off Jenna.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe the body type thing. It's all in how you carry yourself. If you are confident in how you look and feel--in yourself and who you are--then yes, you can pull off short hair! I am so sick and tired of our culture trying to dictate to women that they need to spend so much more time, effort and money on their hair to be beautiful! Come on, ladies--you know men would never stand for this! If you want to try a pixie, just DO IT! And remember--it's already growing! :)

i cannot pull off short hair. :(

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