7 Surprising Ways to Use Dry Shampoo ...


7 Surprising Ways to Use Dry Shampoo ...
7 Surprising Ways to Use Dry Shampoo ...

In the last week, I have learnt more ways to use dry shampoo than I ever thought would exist. I mean, sure, it’s brilliant for those days when your hair just isn’t playing ball, or you don’t have time to wash it. That’s not all that it’s good for, though – and whether you’re a dry shampoo convert or you prefer to stick to water, you’re sure to find at least one of these novel ways to use dry shampoo useful.

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Get a Grip

One of the first ways to use dry shampoo that I learnt was actually from a hairdresser. They spend hours putting hair into intricate updos, and I was curious as to how they make sure that it doesn’t all slip out as soon as the person starts moving around. The answer? Bobby pins, and dry shampoo. Yep, that’s right. Spray some dry shampoo on your bobby clips, and they’ll never move or fall out again. Professional hair, at a fraction of the cost.


Bang Bother

Bangs are hot, and it looks like they’ll remain in fashion for some time to come. Everyone has experienced the grossness of sticky bangs, though, and brushing them away from your face can give you that slightly-electrocuted look. Instead, spray some dry shampoo on your bangs, on the side closest to your face. They’ll sit naturally, but won’t get greasy, and your face will stay stuck-hair-free. Added bonus: less-greasy bangs need washing less frequently. Win.


Braid Sealant

Braids are cute, but it only takes a few hours before my hair starts sprouting out everywhere. Fine if it’s a lived-in look, less fine if I’m trying to look sophisticated. Ensure that your braids stay picture perfect by sealing them with dry shampoo once you’ve tied off the braid. Not only will it keep everything in place, but it’ll add some shininess, too.


Volume Boost

Got flat hair? Try dusting it with dry shampoo before you dry it. Something about heat and dry shampoo equals luscious volume, without requiring any additional effort. You can even buy dry shampoos with volumising ingredients, to play up this effect even more. Word of warning – brush your hair when you’re done. If you dry shampoo + hairdry and then sleep before brushing, your hair might get HUGE.


Switch up Your Style

I can’t be the only person who gets fed up of a hairstyle half way through the day. Dry shampoo lets you switch it up, without needing a shower and a good few hours to dry your hair! Let’s say you’re rocking curls, but want to go straight. Spray in some dry shampoo, and brush. You’ll get luscious looking locks without any giveaway kinks or crimps.


Fix Your Brows

Having some brow bother? Dry shampoo can help here, too, although you obviously need to be careful about spraying anything near your eyes! You’ve probably heard that hairspray can tame wild eyebrows, but it can also make them feel crunchy and dry. Dry shampoo does the same thing, but without that added crunch. It’ll tame your brows, keeping everything in shape, and just brush it right out at the end of the night.


Save Those Shoes

Feel like flicking off your shoes, but know how much they smell? Blast them with some dry shampoo, and you’ll be fine. Dry shampoo works by soaking up all the oil in your hair, making it look as good as new. It’ll do the same in your shoes, which is almost certain to make them stop smelling. Try it on your whiffiest shoes now – it’s one of the least known ways to use dry shampoo, but definitely one of the best.

Even if you don’t use dry shampoo to prolong each hair wash, these great tips are sure to show you how to use up a can. It’s a handbag essential, if only for allowing you to solve a multitude of beauty emergencies! And some of them smell wonderful, too. Have you found any amazing ways to use dry shampoo? I’d love to hear them!

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Great tips! I once used dry shampoo as deodorant.

Use dry shampoo before putting your hair up or an up do. It will give it grip on super soft hair.

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