7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Getting a Drastic Haircut ...


Before you make the leap into getting a drastic haircut there’re some questions you may want to ask yourself. It’s better to take the time to ask yourself these questions than get a haircut that you’ll regret. A drastic haircut is a big decision. Before getting a drastic haircut, these’re some questions you may want to consider.

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How Long Have You Thought about This?

How long have you thought about getting a drastic haircut? Is it something you’ve been thinking about for a while or is it a thought you just recently had? It’s best to give a drastic haircut some good thought before you make that jump. Better to think about it for a bit longer and have no regrets than immediately have it done and have many regrets. Give yourself a few weeks to think the matter over.


Reflecting on the span of time the idea has simmered in your mind is essential. Impulse decisions often lead to bittersweet feelings, especially with changes as bold as a new haircut. Waiting a couple of weeks not only solidifies your resolve but also allows you to envision the change in various aspects of your life. Ask yourself during different situations—will this new look reflect who you are and who you want to be? Ensure the desire for change isn't just a fleeting whim but a decision growing from a deeper place within.


Are You Tired of Long Hair?

There’re tons of adorable short haircuts. But that doesn’t mean you should automatically go for one. Are you truly tired of having longer hair? Do you feel done with that phase of hairstyle? If you still love having long hair then you should probably reconsider.


Long locks can be charming but managing them may sometimes feel like a chore. Before you decide to snip away inches, think about the reasons behind your desire for a shorter do. Is it for ease of maintenance, a fresh fashion statement, or just an itch for change? Remember, a haircut can revitalize your look but it's important that your decision aligns with your lifestyle and personal style preferences. Don't rush into a decision—ponder on how you connect with your hair and let that guide you.


Are You Just Bored with Your Hair?

A lot of times women go for a drastic cut because they’re simply bored with their hair. Being bored with your hair is something that almost every woman can identify with. And if a drastic cut is what you decide on then that’s perfectly okay. But there’re other options if you aren’t sure about a drastic cut. You could experiment with color, add layers, have some bangs cut in or several other options.


Other options include trying out different hairstyles or accessories—think hair bands, clips, or scarves for a new twist. Sometimes, a subtle change, like a deep conditioning treatment or a gloss, can give your hair a fresh look and renewed shine, making you fall in love with it all over again. If you're on the fence about a big chop, consider a temporary solution like a wig or extensions to test the waters. Whatever you decide, make sure it's something that will make you feel confident and beautiful.


Do You Get a Lot of Compliments on Your Hair?

If you get a lot of compliments on your hair, it’s probably very flattering the way it is. Your hair may be one of your best features. Long hair may suit you best. Those are questions only you can answer. But if your hair does well at a longer length then you may want to reconsider having it cut.


Receiving frequent adulation for your tresses signifies more than just a good hair day; it reflects a harmony between your style and the natural beauty of your mane. Perhaps your luminous locks cascade like a waterfall, or your curls playfully dance about, exuding vitality and charm. Maintaining the current length could be synonymous with preserving that unique essence that garners such positive attention. After all, a compliment isn't merely courtesy—it's an affirmation that something is truly working for you. It's worth weighing these spontaneous accolades when contemplating whether to make a sweeping change.


Does Your Hair Grow Slow or Fast?

It’s also good to consider the rate that your hair grows. If it grows exceptionally fast then a drastic haircut isn’t as big of a deal. It can grow back out to the length you had it much quicker. However, if your hair takes forever to grow and you worked really hard to get it the length that it is, you may want to think hard before deciding to get a drastic cut. If you decide you don’t like the new cut, you could have a long wait while your hair grows again.


On average, hair grows about half an inch per month, but this can vary from person to person. Environmental factors, dietary habits, and genetic predisposition all play a role in the speed of hair growth. If you're someone with slow-growing hair, reflect on the maintenance and the potential longing for your former style during the grow-out phase. Frequent trims to fix a shape you're unhappy with might be necessary, causing your grow-out to take even longer. Evaluate your patience and comfort with waiting, and maybe opt for a more conservative change if you know you're not one to wait.


How Much Work Will the New Cut Require?

Something I’ve learned about shorter haircuts is that they aren’t always easier. I’ve been fooled into thinking that short haircuts are low maintenance when that isn’t always the case. It may not take as long to blow dry but styling can take longer. You may have to curl it or straighten it where you didn’t have to do that with longer hair. It’s good to ask your stylist how much work your new cut will require.


It's wise to consider the products or tools you'll need to maintain your new style. Short hair might require more frequent trims to keep its shape, adding to your salon visits—and budget. Moreover, think about your daily routine; are you willing to invest extra time each morning to achieve the perfect look? Don't forget, some cuts necessitate specific styling techniques or products that your longer tresses didn't. Evaluating your commitment to styling can ensure you don't end up regretting a high-maintenance cut that doesn't fit your lifestyle.


What’s Your Intuition Telling You about This Haircut?

It sounds silly but it really is true. You can have an intuitive feeling about a haircut. You may feel that you’re absolutely going to love it or you may have some reservations about it. Your intuition isn’t always right but it usually is. You’ve probably found that to be true. Listening to what your intuition is telling you can be a good idea.

Are you considering a drastic haircut? Have you had a drastic haircut in the past? Share your experiences here.

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People always comment how my hair is so wavy and beautiful and long, but I'm fed up with it. I love the beach but my hair gets tangled and it's too thick to put any product to help it. I really would like a cut before I get back to school but I don't know what to do???

I had quite long hair in the past but got fed up with either tying it back or up in a fiddly chignon. My hairdresser cut about 2 ins off every six weeks or so then once at chin level she chopped the lot into a super short pixie like Jamie Cutis has. That was people did not notice the gradual shortening over time and I did not get the usual comments as to whether or not they liked it etc.

Didn't think about any of these and now I regret cutting my long beautiful hair

LOL! I was mad and gave myself a very short pixie. Haha. Oh well, it's only hair.

I am thinking about getting a bob haircut that is shoulder length but idk???

Make SURE your READY for a big change! There are so many flattering hairstyles out there. Just be sure before you cut it! Make sure your stylist and you both have a clear understanding!!!!!

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