Wanna Know a Secret? 7 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Fuller and Longer in a Jiffy ...


We all want a lush, full head of hair. Or at least the illusion of one. Are you with me? Sadly, I have pretty fine hair so if I don’t do things just right, I end up with a flat, boring look that I hate. In the same boat? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your hair fuller and longer in very little time. Here they are.

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Get Bangs

Get Bangs Pulling some of the hair on the top of your head forward, and cutting in some bangs is a fast way to make your hair look thicker. For some reason, this gives the illusion of thicker strands. You probably want to have a stylist do this for you so you can get the bangs the perfect length. While you’re at it, have the hair underneath the bangs dyed slightly darker, which increases the appearance of volume as well.


Get Layers

Get Layers This is how I combat thin hair. I always have several lengths of layers cut in to make things look lusher than they are. This is a quick and easy way to make your hair appear fuller. All it takes is a quick trip to your stylist and you’re good to go. What’s holding you back?


Get Highlights

Get Highlights Highlights don’t take that long to have done and they really give your hair lots of dimension. They work by adding color variations throughout your strands, which makes your overall head of hair look richer and thicker. Experts suggest choosing a color that is pretty close to your original for the best results.


Get the Right Products

Get the Right Products To keep up your fuller look, you’ll want to pick up styling products that are designed for fine, thin hair. You can find shampoo, conditioner, mousse and hair masks all over the place that will combat the issue. You might also consider talking to your stylist for brands and specific items that would work for you. Combine your products with the other methods on this list and you’ll be fuller in no time.


Do a Big up do

Do a Big up do Got a big event coming up? Or you just want a volumized look for a day of fun? A big up do is the answer here. Try a twist or chignon with the hair on top of your head teased and you give off the look that you have thicker hair than you do. This is easy and fun so give it a try!


Make It Wave

Make It Wave Stick straight hair always looks thinner than curly or wavy hair. That’s one of the reasons why I have learned to embrace my curls. Expert hairstylists say that adding a bit of wave or curl to your locks will give them life and volume, even if it only lasts until you wash your hair. Hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron are the tools you need to create this look. It’s easy!


Take Care of the Ends

Take Care of the Ends It’s hard to imagine how you’ll get your hair to look longer and better if you cut it, but taking care of the ends of your strands is vital to keeping things look full and healthy. Use a hair mask now and then to pump the ends of your strands with moisture and nutrients. Make sure you get them trimmed regularly too.

How do you make your hair look fuller? Did you find a new technique here that you’re dying to try?

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Loved the hair color in pic 4 nice article thanks

Highlights & layers-ALL THE WAY!

I pull my hair straight up and put in a ponytail, then I comb my hair straight up and cut off a few inches! When I let it down I have perfect layers! It makes it easy to curl also!

Mix coconut oil and blackstrap molasses, and work gently into your hair and leave for an hour, you can even add a spoon of honey, it makes hair stronger and more body immediately

Kerrian same except the chin things

Great ideas.

Bangs and layers are a bad choice for thin, limp hair! The bangs end up looking like spaghetti and the layers leave you with little rat tails for the bottom layer.

I use Bumble and Bumble's BBB. Thickening Dryspun Finish. You shake the can and spray the powder under your layers. Instant fullness, love it!!

Great ideas.

Wow. Everything on here applies to me, except for #5. Great tips!!

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