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How to Deal with Dark Roots in Blonde Hair ...

By Holly

If your natural hair color is dark brown or black, it's a hassle to keep your hair blonde, because roots show up way too quickly. However, that shouldn't stop you from dying your hair the light color that you love. There are solutions to every problem, after all. In order to feel confident with your look, even months after dying your hair, here are a few ways to deal with dark roots in blonde hair:

1 Change Your Part

If you part your hair in a new way, it could hide your dark roots. You could even try creating a messy part that looks zigzagged in order to throw others off. Stand in front of the mirror and play with your part until you figure out which style will work the best.

2 Add Volume

Adding volume to your hair will help hide your roots. Use volumizing shampoo, hairspray, and even extensions. It also helps to avoid using heat on your hair and to blot your hair dry instead of rubbing it. If you do those things, you'll be on the fast track to adding volume to your hair and hiding your roots.

3 Choose the Right Hair Styles

You can hide your roots with certain hairstyles. If you have long bangs, you can pin them over the top of your head to hide your roots. If you love braids, you can create them and style them in a way that will hide the darker color.

4 Buy Root Concealer

This is a temporary fix for your dark roots. All you have to do is buy a root concealer, spray it onto the top of your head, and let the product work its magic. It only takes a few minutes for it to dry, and it'll wash right out when you shampoo your hair, so it won't cause any damage.

5 Wear Hats or Headbands

If you have a cute hat you're willing to wear around town, it'll cover up any signs of your roots. Of course, you could also wear a headband or a scarf around your head. No one will have a clue that you're actually trying to hide part of your head, because they're such cute accessories.

6 Go for a Touch up

This is the simplest solution. Whenever your roots start to show, you just have to take a quick trip to the salon to get a touch up. You could even buy a kit to do the work in your very own home. You won't be dying your entire head, so as long as you have the correct color, it won't be all that hard to do by yourself.

7 Rock the Trend

There are tons of celebrities that go to major events and get their pictures taken while their roots are showing. It's no longer taboo to let your natural hair color show. It's actually becoming a trend. So don't feel like you have to bolt to the salon when one tiny section of hair looks darker than the rest. You can rock the trend, just like your favorite celebrities do.

You shouldn't be embarrassed by your roots, but if you're uncomfortable looking at them in the mirror, then it's not hard to hide them. What do you do when you notice your roots are starting to show again?

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