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How to Get Effortless Loose Waves ...

By Alison

Loose waves are perfect for summer - but won't it take ages to get the look? And who wants to spend hours styling their hair when you could be lounging around enjoying the sun? Thankfully there are ways to get loose waves without too much effort …

1 Hot Rollers

'But I don't have time for hot rollers!' you think. Well, the whole point of hot rollers is that you leave them in to do their magic. So while they're making waves, you can do your makeup, have breakfast or organise your outfit for the day/evening. When they're done, simply run your fingers through your hair, taking care not to brush the waves out completely.

2 With a Curling Iron

If you do have a little more time, you can use a curling iron to get gorgeous loose waves. Do use heat protector so that your hair doesn't get damaged. Section off your hair and curl each piece for no more than 20 seconds. Remove the iron, then hold the curl for a short while. Once the curls are done, spray with hairspray then brush through.

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3 Overnight Braids

Want a 'beach hair' look? You can also try braiding your hair overnight for lovely loose curls in the morning. Try dampening your hair before braiding, or using a little product to help the hair set.

4 Overnight Curls

If you want to wake up to instant loose waves, here's the way to do it. You'll need a narrow headband that's comfortable enough to sleep in. Simply pin your hair in curls around the headband, enjoy a good night's sleep, and when you wake up unpin the curls. You should end up with lovely soft waves, but may need a little product to help them stay for longer. This will also work very well on hair that's not long enough to braid.

5 Rag Curls

Take a tip from previous generations who didn't have curling irons or heated rollers, and make some rag curls. Be careful not to wind them up too tightly though, and don't use too many rags; they should be loose rather than right against your head. In the morning, unwrap the rags, spray with product, and brush through. Voila! Effortless waves.

6 Fake It

A super-easy way to get loose waves is to fake it with clip-in extensions! This is a great way to get the look for a night out or special occasion, without the major expense and commitment of 'permanent' extensions. It takes no time at all to clip them in, and you can try out the wavy look without having to bother styling your hair.

7 On the Same Side!

Finally, whatever method you use here's a trick to ensure your loose waves look great. When making the curls/waves, you must make them all in the same direction. You should also brush out the curls once they're set, so that they soften into loose waves rather than rigid curls.

So there are lots of ways to get loose waves without spending hours styling your hair. Honestly, who's got the time or patience for that? Most of us want a simple, no-fuss look that doesn't look like we've spent ages on it, and loose waves are perfect for that. Who is your hair idol, and what do you love about your own hair?

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